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  • How To Restore Compressed (Zipped) Folder in Send To Menu

    Kavi from Gujrat has asked about how to restore compressed (Zipped) Folder in Send To Menu. Here is his question reproduced: Recently i am facing one new problem. in my pc when i try to send any file to Compress doing right click on it, where the option SEND TO COMPRESSED FOLDER should be visible, […]

  • Make Folder A Drive In My Computer

    CHIRANJIB, a regular reader of has asked about how to show a folder as a drive in My Computer. Here’s his question: Hi Sanix, I heard from one of friend to create a image drive in the hard disk. Will t please tell me how a image drive can be created. CHIRANJIB There are […]

  • Organize Your Taskbar and Open Windows Easily

    I was searching for some utility that could let me organize my taskbar easily by dragging and dropping icons on the taskbar. I found one utility which is pretty neat in organizing the taskbar, hiding and showing windows, setting windows always on top, sending windows to system tray etc. Here’s an intro of the utility: […]

  • Organize Your Disk Space Graphically

    What if we could see our hard drive contents like the map of the earth? everything visual with the names of the countries and other important information in it. Then, like seeing the earth globe we can figure out how big Russia is and how many islands islands Japan has, we could easily figure out […]

  • Task Manager And Msconfig Disappear When Opened

    I have been observing many systems that are hit by viruses and as a result either the system utilities like task manager and the registry editor are disabled or they are made hidden. They just open and disappear in a flash. This behavior is caused if your system is infected with viruses. What would be […]

  • How To Edit The Recently Typed URLs List In Internet Explorer

    The biggest advantage of Microsoft Windows is that we can tweak it to any level through registry and make Windows work our way. And the biggest disadvantage of Microsoft Windows is the registry itself :-). Huh .. if the registry is corrupt, who will pay for it? .. because if the registry is corrupt, everything […]

  • Clear Items History of Notification Area

    The Notification area (or system tray) in the Windows taskbar displays the current time and icons that indicate the active status of various programs which are running right now. You can choose which items will show up in the notification area and which will never show up. The default is that only active programs get […]

  • How To Edit Run Command History

    Whenever we have to type in some command in Windows, we go to Run dialog, type the command and press OK. What Windows does is remember the command you typed in and it will come up as a suggestion drop down when you type the same or similar command again. Sometimes we want to delete […]

  • Bitdefender Renames Suspected Files To

    Today one of the valuable readers of Technize mailed me about his problem. He has Bitdefender Internet Security installed and he was using some folder protection utility to password protect some of his important files. But Bitdefender Internet Security suspected all those password protect files as rootkit hidden items and then renamed them to […]

  • Learn Microsoft Word 2007 Step By Step: Printing

    In the previous lessons, we became familiar with the new interface of Microsoft Word 2007. We also learned how to create, open and save document and the options involved. Today we are going to discuss about printing. It’s really simple to configure printing options in Microsoft Word 2007. We can print an open document by […]