Make Folder A Drive In My Computer

CHIRANJIB, a regular reader of has asked about how to show a folder as a drive in My Computer. Here’s his question:

Hi Sanix, I heard from one of friend to create a image drive in the hard disk. Will t please tell me how a image drive can be created. CHIRANJIB

There are several methods to make a drive in My Computer. I will list a few of them.

Method 1 – Map Network Drive

1- Right Click the folder you want to make a drive. Go to Properties –> Sharing.
Share the folder with a name.
2- Go to My Computer –> Tools –> Map Network Drive.
Select the Drive letter and browse to the folder which you shared.

Method 2 – Using subst command

Open Command Prompt (type cmd in Run) and type the following commands to create the folder as a drive in My Computer
SUBST [drive1: [drive2:]path]
For Example if I want to create a drive of C:\Windows and the drive name is W. Then I will use the following command:
subst W: C:\Windows
For more options type subst /?
The problem with this method is that it is temporary. If you restart your computer, all the virtual drives will be gone. You need to write a batch script and put it in your startup to make the changes permanent.

Method 3 – Using Software

There is a small handy utility which does all the work which subst command does. It also lets you keep the drives as permanent even when you’re restarting. It’s name is Virtual Drive Manager.
Download Virtual Drive Manager.



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9 responses to “Make Folder A Drive In My Computer”

  1. Sai ram

    How the space is allocated to virtual drive??Is it just virtual or uses actual hard disk space??????Plz just tell abt the space allocation of virtual drive??????Hope u will give reply……..

  2. Sanix

    Space is the same as the drive in which folder is residing. In my example of C:\Windows, if you make it a virtual drive, it will show the space of C:\ drive.
    It’s actually only making that folder visible as a drive in My Computer.

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  5. Detecter

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    Now how do u rename that drive

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  8. parthy

    need help!!
    plz someone suggest me what to do to troubleshoot this problem.
    i have installed vista theme in my pc and later i deleted it without following proper uninstallation steps, now the my computer folders such as (Local disk c,d,e)folder icons appearing like a html document.! how can i reset it as like it was in past.. kindly someone do reply plzzz

  9. i want to make a drive h please help me
    please , please help me