Bitdefender Renames Suspected Files To

bit Today one of the valuable readers of Technize mailed me about his problem. He has Bitdefender Internet Security installed and he was using some folder protection utility to password protect some of his important files. But Bitdefender Internet Security suspected all those password protect files as rootkit hidden items and then renamed them to I searched the Bitdefender site and found out that Bitdefender has got an option to rename the infected or suspicious file. Here’s a list of what all options Bitdefender offers:


None (log objects)
No action will be taken on infected files. These files
will appear in the report file.
Prompt user for action
When an infected file is detected, a window will appear
prompting the user to select the action on that file.
Disinfect files Disinfects the infected file.
Depending on the importance of that file, you can
select to disinfect it, isolate it in the quarantine zone
or delete it.
Delete files
Deletes the infected files immediately, without any
Move files to Quarantine
Moves the infected files into the quarantine.
Rename files
Changes the extension of the infected files. The new
extension of the infected files will be .vir. By renaming the infected files, the possibility of executing
and thus of spreading the infection is removed. At the
same time they can be saved for further examination
and analysis.
Rename files has a similar effect on the hidden files (rootkits). The new extension
of the detected files will be By renaming the detected files, the possibility
of executing and thus of spreading the potential infection is removed. At the same
time they can be saved for further examination and analysis.

How to restore these files?

Restoring these renamed files to their original position is very simple. You only have to remove from the file extension and it will start working again. suppose if the file was, just remove from the end of the filename so that it becomes example.jpg. Now the file will open in it’s default application. If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding this article, please leave a comment.
Note: You can download the Bitdefender v10 User guide from here.
Note: If you want to rename multiple files at once , please see the following guide:
Rename Multiple Files Atonce



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42 responses to “Bitdefender Renames Suspected Files To”

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  2. PeacyDay

    Hi Sanic.
    Thanks for the post ab’t renaming those file. However, how to do if not only one file or one folder. How to do it for all?
    Any software or way to do it?
    Tnx and take care.

  3. coolrider

    Hey i have tried to renaming the but problem now is it still is REN FILE and i have to use open with> Word everytime i have to open this File so is any way to change the TYpe of the FILE permanently

  4. John McCarthy

    I have had bit defender rename about 1000 of my files, and i really dont want to go through each one and rename, is their anyway i can rename all back to files easily ?
    many thanks John

  5. sudeept sharma

    i tried renaming the files from to the original it didnt work..plz tell me how to restore desperate!!!!

  6. Rashid

    i have tried to rename the file but did not work………… to change the file format…………..there r so many files…….

  7. Sanix

    Rashid, you need to go to Control Panel –> Folder Options –> View. Uncheck “Hide extensions for known files”. This will give you the extension of every file along with it’s name while renaming. Please change the extension to the format it was before.

  8. Rashid

    Thx Sanix
    But i have not been able to do it yet…i did what u said…renamed file…..but what do u mean by changing extension ? when i rename or open it doesnt and says it may be damaged…….pls help

  9. Sanix

    Rashid, changing the extension means chaning the filename after “.”. For example if there is a file called technize.jpg. If I want to change its extension to png, I will rename it to technize.png. And the file may be corrupt because Bitdefender has scanned it and if it has cleaned it, it may have got corrupted. Can you tell me what files you want to rename.. the names of the files along with their extensions…

  10. Rashid

    the files are jp,bmp,rar,wmv etc means mostly pics and clips…..
    do i need to uninstall bitdefender in order to retore these thing….when i rename file,the icon does get restore but file doesnt open….as a matter of fact i had stored all these files in MY PRIVATE FOLDER which is a password protected software….that got removed by the bitdefender…when i click on MY PRIVATE FOLDER icon…it doesnt open rather starts creating new folder and asks ne to remove previous

  11. Rashid

    Dear Sanix………..waiting for ur reply

  12. Rashid

    Dear Sanix…..the files r still not opening…. anxiously waitinf for ur help

  13. Sanix

    Dear Rashid, I sent you a mail regarding your solution. I think you didn’t receive it. Please send me some sample files that have been corrupted so that I may analyze them. Mail me at:
    (remove the brackets)

  14. Rashid

    dear sanix….waiting for ur reply

  15. lion

    Hello Sanix! Please help me to restore my files to normal. I tried renaming them like you said in the earlier posts and it worked fine, ut I have so many files having this extention from BitDefender “” and some of them even double just like this “”. How can I restore all my files at the same time because it will take me forever to change this file extention in each one ( I have over a few thousand files amadged by BitDefender). I have already deleted BitDefender from my computer. Second thing about BitDefender is that it deletes files not even asking me if BitDefender thinks that it’s a virus or spyware and it deleted many files that I needed and they weren’t viruses or spyware. So I decided to remove it from my PC but it didn’t help to solve the “” extention I thought that if I remove BitDefender all files and folders will be normal again, but nothing hapened.
    Please help me to restore all my files to normal!! Is there a program software to do that or any other way…
    Thank You very much in Advance,

  16. lion

    Dear Sanix
    I actually tried to scan my files with BitDefender again hoping that it will bring my files to normal, but it didn’t. I had my files hidden by “Folder Lock” now I don’t have folder lock as well I use a freeware software which works great, but my files are still with this “” extention…

  17. satheesh

    i have over 500 files named as…wat to do im u have any other solution…plz reply

  18. Rashid

    Dear Sanix u seem to be very busy these days otherwise u dont take that long to reply
    anyways take care and reply when u r free
    waiting for some solution of the problem from ur side

  19. Rashid

    Dear Sanix,,,,any solution found?

  20. Sanix

    Rashid I’m so sorry about late reply. Actually I was stuck in my exams. I have tried to analyze your files but the problem with your files is that their headers seem to be corrupted as they are not giving any information about the type of file.. have you found any solution? If yes then please share with us. Thanks for being patient and consistently visiting

  21. Rony

    if that file is mpeg,dat,mp3,or other media files….gom player can open it…i have faced the same problem and it has worked…u guys can try it out too….hope it works fr u 2….

  22. ankit

    the problem is
    the Bitdefender has unhidden the files …which were password protected and has renamed it to…
    but i am not able to locate the file….the files are visible when i scan through Bitdefender in the log….but when i search the file i am not able to locate them……..
    what should i do…???

  23. Rashid

    Dear Ankit
    if the files were in “my private folder” then those may be in documents and settings/ur user name / my private folder

  24. Rashid

    dear Rony
    the video files r somewhat working with gom player
    but what to do for picture which r also renamed
    any solution?
    waiting for reply

  25. faisal

    am faisal
    I am still not able to change my to normal from ren file format,please can any mail me the instruction to change my file to normal.
    waiting for reply.

  26. Ninad Chandoskar

    I have hundreds of files which are affected because of this extension change. And all of them are images(.jpg format). How to restore the extension of all files at one go? I cannot sit and change extension of each and every file again and again. Reply awaited.

  27. JR

    Hi all,
    Sanix’s solution has worked for me! Just need to rename the files (whatever they are… jpg, wmv, mpg, etc.) deleting/removing and keeping the original name and extension.
    If you have lots of files use the “Renamer” – see above “Rename Multiple Files Atonce”.
    Thanks a lot Sanix.

  28. JR

    Hi lion,
    which freeware are you using in place of “Folder Lock”?

  29. abhishek

    World No. 1 bad antiviurs……………. plz dont’s install………….this antivirus

  30. Phillip John

    Thumbs up for you Sanix. However, I have one more question.
    I have successfully changed the file types back to normal, but the folders which the files are contained still has .ren in its name. Does this affect the files when I use them?
    The files that I’m talking about are for installing a software.
    When I install the software, would it have an error whilst the sub-folders still has “.ren” in it?
    I will try to test it though… Goodluck on your exams.

    1. Sanix

      Philip thanks alot for your feedback. Actually it depends upon the software. If the softwares looks for the same folders, then you’ll have to rename the folders also using the same tool I’ve described. Otherwise if the software is working without renaming, then you can feel relax and enjoy yourself 🙂

  31. karthikeyan

    hi i am karthik i got a problem my 1000 of my pic change extension to even after i rename it it original i can’t open continuously in any pic viewer,.
    help me to solve this problem any software is available ..mail me to my id plz those files r imp to me

  32. sergio

    i have the same problem, i protected some photos with a password program and bitdefender renamed the extensions to I donwloaded that program from torrents, now my question is “would it be possible for anyone to download those pics from my computer if i downloaded that program from them? with some hacking software hidden thru the password programs file or smth like that”

  33. NHS

    got the same problem. could you please email me personally how to recover my files? I try using Renamer, and the files turns out to be normal again, but I stil can’t access it contents.
    Thanks in advance.
    P/S: I’m really dissappointed with BitDefender

  34. guruprasanna

    thanks it worked for me using renamer

  35. Talha

    Thanks buddy I manages to rename multiple softwares by the help of your suggested application ‘Metamorphose2’.
    But I want to mansion one thing here that is the software is not so easy to use and also it doesn’t rename folder within folder (sub-folders). You have to go to that folder manually. Any ways I manages to rename my sub-folders too by spending some time:))

    1. Sanix

      I’m glad to hear that you have solved your problem :-). You can share you experiences about technology on Technize forums.

  36. abhishek

    got the same problem. could you please email me personally how to recover my files? I try using Renamer, and the files turns out to be normal again, but I stil can’t access it contents.
    Thanks in advance.
    P/S: I’m really dissappointed with BitDefender

  37. Pradeep

    Hi guys,
    I have been facing the same problem.I had kept some pics and clips in my folder lock.One day when i was scanning my computer being online after that day i got the problems. all the files had been changed itself by bitdifender into extention. i can use the clips even through V.L.C player but i cant see the pics. May anybody help me regarding this? I m fade up with Bit diffender. Facing this prob for one year. no solution till date.

  38. Unfaithful

    i am using bitdefender total security 2008 but last two days i am facing problem. when i open the bitdefeder website then alway the error become i.e The page cannot be displayed.
    i am so much disturb so please guide me guys what can i do

  39. Abhinandan Kumar

    I have been facing the same problem.I had kept some pics and clips in my folder lock.One day when i was scanning my computer being online after that day i got the problems.My problem is something different.After that scan my folder lock shows empty.I am unable to
    view these files.Where do i find those pics & clips????
    Plz help me…….
    these pics & clips are very important for me……

  40. Anna

    my folders gone missing from my external hardisk after scanned by bitdefender. Can somebody tell me how t0 recover my files?