Common Problems in Online Storage Software and How to Fix Them

Online storage software is a service whose time has definitely arrived. Online storage lets you store and restore the entire digital contents of your computer or smart phone. If you’re looking to store music, video files, or large documents, online storage makes more and more sense. Compared to local hard drives and flash drives, there’s … Read more

Download Windows 8 Developer Edition [Pre-Beta Release]

Download Windows 8 Developer Edition now! Microsoft Windows 8 is now publicly available for download and testing. It is a pre-beta release meaning that it should not be installed in a production environment. Here are some of the features of Windows 8: Metro Style UI Windows 8 introduces a beautiful new user interface (UI) designed … Read more

Foxit PDF Reader 5 Released With Ribbon UI

Foxit PDF Reader 5 has been released recently. The new Foxit PDF Reader 5 includes a lot of new enhancements and improvements. The most notable is the Ribbon UI and a Google Chrome like tabbed interface. Foxit Reader is generally known for its slim and sleek design and small size as compared to Adobe Reader. … Read more

Universal USB Installer–Make USB Bootable

If you have a laptop or a computer which doesn’t include a CD/DVD ROM, it will be almost impossible to install any new Operating System except for the one that is already installed. One other way to install the Operating System is to use a USB drive to install the Operating System but you’ll need … Read more

5 Tips to Avoid Computer Viruses

The term, “computer virus,” is commonly used to describe anything from spyware, malware, worms, trojans, to actual viruses themselves. While there is some overlap between these types of malicious software, one factor that is uniform across each category is that they are always hostile to your computer system and exist for the sole purpose of … Read more

Security Alert: Twitter Leading To Malware Sites

In the past few days a large number of links were posted on Twitter in the form of shortend URLs, mostly from the Google’s shortening service The text contained words like “cool, “very nice” and Google’s search page has done it again”.

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Hacking Using The USB Cable

Recently two researchers have successfully been able to use the USB port in order to attempt a hack. Angelos Stavrou and Zhaohui Wang have created a tool that can change the functionality of the USB driver so that it can be used to hack a smartphone when someone connects it to the PC USB port for charging or browsing.

George Mason researchers demonstrate how to take control of a laptop via a USB-connected smartphone at the Black Hat DC conference.

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At Home Virus Removal

Computer viruses are software programs whose design is to spread from a single computer to other computers. These programs interfere with the operation of the computer. They can corrupt data on the computer, delete data on the computer, erase all of the data on the hard drive, or spread to other computers through email. Spreading through email or instant messages is precisely how they arrive on your computer. Once opened, either the email or the attachments, they will spread to your computer. They are often disguised as audio files, video files, greeting cards, or funny image attachments. Downloading illicit software from the internet can also contain harmful software programs.
Fake virus alert

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