Task Manager And Msconfig Disappear When Opened

I have been observing many systems that are hit by viruses and as a result either the system utilities like task manager and the registry editor are disabled or they are made hidden. They just open and disappear in a flash. This behavior is caused if your system is infected with viruses. What would be the easiest way to counter this problem? This question has been in my mind since I started troubleshooting these types of problems. Because in these types of situations, nothing seems to be working and the person is totally helpless. I have found out that backing up these utilities in a safe place will save you loads of work when a virus attack

occurs because the virus, by default, will only attack those utilities in their default location and if we have a backup of those utilities, we can easily run those without any errors. So I have just made a package of these essential system utilities which can be downloaded from the link below.
Download System Utilities Backup
These backup utilities currently include task manager, the registry editor, msconfig and computer management console. Please give me feedback what other utilities should be backed up so that they may be used for troubleshooting in crisis. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

How To Use These Backup Utilities

Using these utilities is very simple. Just unzip them to one folder and double click any utility to run it. Your experiences and feedback will be highly appreciated.



7 responses to “Task Manager And Msconfig Disappear When Opened”

  1. Anonymous

    Turn off the damn ‘Shell Hardware Detection’ from within services…. then uninstall the anti-virus, spyware whatever, disable firewall and stop double clicking anything

  2. netotse

    this virus works by reading whats on your title bar(i think!)so basically it closes the program runnning if it has anything like task manager, regedit, msconfig…etc in the name…
    from what i’ve been able to discover one of the processes it runs as is smss.exe…if u have more than one smss.exe running its probably the one thats in C: or C:windows
    also make sure you dont have any stray autorun.inf cos that simply links it to the open keys in your registry

  3. eageniNam

    Good day! cordarone

  4. star

    anonymous has a bull sht000 answer. stop double clicking. how hell to use pc then? also he writes anonymous and has his bull sht000 picture

  5. Ebrahim

    That is not a bullsht000 answer star… double clicking is what usually activates a virus in ur pc, otherwise, it’ll just stay their dormant. Next time u want to enter ur hard drive partition, just enter the drive letter in the address bar and press enter. This is the only way to access ur pc without activating the autorun.inf file. Once in, go ahead and double click anything u want, just beware of suspicious files… cheers!

  6. geoffc

    Love it – it just saved me after a viral attack
    which disabled these & my virus checker/firewall.
    Thanks for a simple but great idea.

  7. sadeqi

    okay guys i have the solution 1st u need to download a script to renable registery editor
    not that it is enable it for 5sec and then it is get back as disable coz the virus is running
    anyway in these 5 sec it is more than enough to open regedit once
    after u open it search about the key which is disable reistry editor and task manger u dont need to rember the path for polices just make a search after that u will find the keys
    if now what we have to do we know the problem the problem is these polices is on 1 u make them 0 and the virus in 5 sec make them 1 so the solution is make them 0 and go block modifying the key by using permisoon and the stuipd virus would never change it again