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  • Two Free Cloud Antivirus Suites That Work Great

    Cloud computing is on a rise nowadays.  Cloud computing is an internet based computing concept where multiple resources share multiple tasks increasing the overall speed of computing and reliability.  With the increase of other cloud computing services, Cloud antivirus has also emerged recently. The first cloud antivirus introduced in the market was Panda Cloud Antivirus […]

  • Switch Between Different Network Settings Easily

    If you are a mobile user meaning that you have to travel between different networks to do your work, then you must be aware of the headaches of changing the network settings according to the new environment. For example, I have a laptop which I use in my office, at home and sometimes when I […]

  • Download Free Advanced System Care Pro + License

    Advanced System Care is a great software from IOBit which does exactly what its name says. It performs a number of system cleaning tasks and keeps Windows running smoothly. Some of its features include spyware removal, registry scan and fix, privacy sweep and cleaning up junk and temporary files.

  • Run Manager, The Ultimate Program Launcher

    Some great news today .. Technize team has been working on a software and now at last it’s ready to be distributed to the public. The software that we have built is Run Manager. Run Manager is a program quick launcher which uses built-in Windows tools for creating keyboard shortcuts of required programs. It does […]

  • 3 Tools To Kill Multiple Processes At Once In Windows

    Windows Task Manager is one of the basic tools to manage the processes currently running in Windows systems. There are a few other choices to manage the processes but almost all of them  can terminate the processes one by one. I have already written about 5 ways to kill not responding and frozen apps and […]

  • CPU Power Management And Energy Saving With Granola

    There has been a lot of effort in the electronics world to save energy and only use enough energy that is needed. A lot of electronics are coming with green computing enabled which saves a lot of power as compared to the normal electronics. Computers also come with green computing enabled and power saving features. […]

  • Activate DreamScene In Windows 7

    Abdullah has been covering DreamScene for Windows Vista. Here are few of his popular articles about DreamScene: DreamScene Extension Stardock DeskScape Use DreamScene on Vista Home Premium and Business DreamScene was originally introduced in Windows Vista Ultimate by Microsoft. DreamScene can display videos as desktop background making the desktop more dynamic. But DreamScene was not […]

  • 2 Tools To Find And Download Freeware Softwares

    Everyone wants to get his work done with as less cost as possible. Most of our everyday computing tasks can be done with freeware softwares but the problem is that we can’t find freeware apps about the category we’re looking for. While browsing the internet I have found two cool tools that will list down […]

  • 10+ Great Free Alternatives To Nero For CD/DVD Burning

    Nero is the leader in CD/DVD burning but the problem is that it is not free but there are free alternatives that are available and do almost the same tasks as Nero. Let’s discuss some of them. Nero Lite Nero Lite is a free edition of the popular Nero Burning. The software has a professional […]

  • SentryBay DataProtection Suite 6 Months Free Trial

    SentryBay’s DataProtection Suite protects every keystroke you make providing real-time protection from malicious software. Just plug and play with no set-up or configuration needed. Your scrambler will show how each keystroke you make is replaced by a fake random keystroke – which is what spyware picks up. Screen captures are also prevented, as are attacks […]