Two Free Cloud Antivirus Suites That Work Great

Cloud computing is on a rise nowadays.  Cloud computing is an internet based computing concept where multiple resources share multiple tasks increasing the overall speed of computing and reliability.  With the increase of other cloud computing services, Cloud antivirus has also emerged recently. The first cloud antivirus introduced in the market was Panda Cloud Antivirus which comes free of cost. I have used to cloud antivirus softwares which I want to review today:

1- Rising Antivius

I am mentioning Rising Antivirus first because I use Rising Antivirus on my servers and it’s pretty good. When installed, it seems like a normal antivirus. Rising Cloud Security is the feature which makes Rising Antivirus a cloud antivirus. Joining Rising Cloud Security is optional but is recommended because this enables early detection of zero day viruses and the updates get pushed quickly protecting us from the latest threats.

2- Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Cloud Antivirus is a more pure form of cloud antivirus. It is a light weight antivirus which does not take a lot of system resources but seems to be slow when running custom scans. Another thing I have noticed that while Panda Cloud Antivirus does a good job of protecting the system from new and old threats but once the threat is in the system, it is unable to get rid of it fully. I’m still testing this new cloud antivirus. If anyone from my readers have experience about these antiviruses, kindly let us know through comments.






2 responses to “Two Free Cloud Antivirus Suites That Work Great”

  1. BoneXXX

    I was using AVG free before trying out the panda cloud and deciding for changing my antivirus to panda. AVG is a great program but the panda is a very light weight antivirus that protects the system very well. Time to time I wonder if the antivirus program that i use misses any virus or malware, thats why i usually do online system checks with bitdefender, or trendmicro. Since I have changed my antivirus software to panda cloud nothing is leaked into my system. What i think is AVG is great but panda is lighter.

  2. Nicolice

    I’ve bad experiences with Rising antivirus. I’d prefer Panda Cloud Antivirus rather than Rising’s.