CPU Power Management And Energy Saving With Granola

There has been a lot of effort in the electronics world to save energy and only use enough energy that is needed. A lot of electronics are coming with green computing enabled which saves a lot of power as compared to the normal electronics.
Computers also come with green computing enabled and power saving features. But if you can find a software product to save power efficiently it will be the best. Granola seems to be the perfect solution for CPU power management.Granola is an intelligent software power management tool which works on both Linux and Windows and it can run on any x86 server, desktop and laptop.

Granola can save upto 35% of power being used by the computer device. One other advantage of Granola is that it does not slow down the system. It’s very light weight on resources and starts working instantly after installation.
Download for Windows
Download and installation instructions for Linux



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  1. Ahmad Mushtaq

    Great Software…

  2. John James

    After looking over this blog post I took a look around the site. You have done a great job gathering all this information.