3 Tools To Kill Multiple Processes At Once In Windows

Windows Task Manager is one of the basic tools to manage the processes currently running in Windows systems. There are a few other choices to manage the processes but almost all of them  can terminate the processes one by one. I have already written about 5 ways to kill not responding and frozen apps and alternatives to Windows Task Manager. Today I will write about the tools with which we can kill multiple processes at the same time. Let’s discuss a few of them:

1- KillProcess


KillProcess is an advanced process killer which can terminate any kind of process that we can see in the task manager including the SYSTEM processes which Windows does not allow to be terminated. KillProcess can also terminate Windows services. If KillProcess is running then we can specify an application or process which we do not want to run. KillProcess will automatically terminate the process once it starts.
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2- Spacetornado Killer

Screenshot of spacetornado Killer with three running processes selected.
Spacetornado Killer is a freeware which can terminate multiple processes in Windows with a single click. It’s very easy to use. Just keep on pressing the CTRL key and select from the list of processes you want to terminate and click on the Kill Selected button. Or you can press the F4 key to terminate the processes that have been selected.
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3- Ultimate Process Killer

Ultimate Process Killer
Ultimate Process Killer is a small utility for killing multiple processes in Windows at the same time. It gives some details about the processes like ProcessID, Parent Process, Threads, Priority etc which makes it easy for us to see which processes to close. It also has a function to allow to terminate apps on double clicking on them.
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