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  • 2 Tools To Create Custom Portable Apps

    If you are a portable apps lover then you would have wished about so many programs and applications that they were portable but couldn’t find their portable versions. Today I’ll write about two portable apps creators. Both of them are very good. Let’s talk about both of them one by one. Cameyo

  • 10 Unusual Facts About Laser Printers

    Laser printers can be found in homes and businesses everywhere. They print invoices, term papers, certificates, and other important documents using a method based on static electricity. Here are some facts about the laser printer that you might not know.

  • Top 10 Netbook Computers

    Netbooks are quickly becoming one of the most popular portable computers on the market. Some people may be wondering why this is, given that netbooks have less fancy specifications than most other types of portable computers. Although many netbooks have small hard drives, their ready Internet access (some even have access to 3G networks) makes […]

  • 11 Tips to Make Browsing the Internet Faster

    Is your computer as fast as it was when you purchased it? Are you noticing that the smallest things take time to load on the internet? Take a look at what your computer is doing. Here are some little things that you can do to make your internet faster. 1. Use a third party DNS […]

  • 10 Great Data Recovery Software To Recover Data From Hard Drive

    If we are using the same computer for longer periods of time, the data in hard drive will keep on growing and we’ll be saving our important data in the hard drive over a period of time. If we are not backing up data on an alternative source like DVD Rom drive etc, then we […]

  • 3 Free Tools To Manage And Monitor Processes And Applications

    Previously I have written about monitoring installed programs for updates and 3 tools to kill processes at once. I have also written about 3 alternatives to Windows task manager but when it comes to advanced functionality, something else is required. Today I want to write about three interesting free utilities that will make managing and […]

  • 10 Programs That Protect Your PC for Free

    Guest post by James Adams. There are people who want to damage the function of your computer through the use of spyware, viruses and malware. There are plenty of downloadable applications which can prevent the aggravation and frustration of having these malicious programs on your machine. Here are some of the best FREE security applications […]

  • 10 Free Tools To Monitor Installed Programs Updates In Windows

    There are so many softwares that we install on our system that we can’t keep track of all of them. Ultimately we need  some utility which can monitor and check for new updates automatically so that we don’t have to do it manually for each and every software we have in our computer. Let’s take […]

  • 10+ Great Free Alternatives To Nero For CD/DVD Burning

    Nero is the leader in CD/DVD burning but the problem is that it is not free but there are free alternatives that are available and do almost the same tasks as Nero. Let’s discuss some of them. Nero Lite Nero Lite is a free edition of the popular Nero Burning. The software has a professional […]

  • The Best Email Client – DreamMail

    I don’t like outlook express as it isn’t good at retrieving mail from my yahoo and other web based accounts except hotmail.. Recently I was looking for an email client that could do everything for me .. at least what I wanted. And I came across this email client–DreamMail–It seems to be the best from […]