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  • 5 Financial tips for Technology Startups And Entrepreneurs

    Startups and especially technology startups begin with a dream; they are full of energy and passion when they begin till the extent that in this strong emotion filled with zeal and zest they forget many important things which result in the business to end the very same it startup. The reason behind is that at […]

  • How the Internet Supports Music Industry

    Steve Jobs loved music and in fact he was awarded a Grammy posthumously! The Trustee Award is more like a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award but for other than performance. The Recording Academy awarded it to Steve Jobs for helping “to create products and technology that transformed the way we consume music, TV, movies and books”. […]

  • How to Prevent Printer Paper Jams In Printer Tray

    Are you asking yourself a question? How it is possible for you to easily avoid paper jams on your printer? If you are having HP Officejet 5600 series which is an All-in-One printer, you will be contended to know that it can handle a large number of paper types and sizes. All of these printers […]

  • 10 Essential Free SEO WordPress Plug-ins

    WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging and WordPress plugins are there for spam control, SEO, photo galleries and many more features. Any website is incomplete without SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is the most obvious way by which a website can be made popular. There are a number of SEO […]

  • 5 Major Reasons to Use Windows Live Writer For Blog Posting

    Windows Live Writer is the right thing to choose for all the bloggers out there. Blogging has now become an essential part of life of several writers. Through their blogs, they are able to express themselves. This eventually brings loads of writing opportunities for them. Before moving further, we would like to explain you a […]

  • 5 Best Social Media Apps For Your Smartphone

    Now that many more of us are using our smartphones to carry out our social networking chores on a daily basis, the demand for apps that enable you to get the job done quickly and efficiently are growing by the day. However, with so many of these software widgets and websites around, it can be […]

  • 5 Best Driving Apps That Will Help You On The Roads

    There is no point in denying the usefulness of smartphones in this age when they have only simplified the lives of many in practically all walks of life. Efficiency in all matters is what happens to be the high point of the current times. Thus, there are thousands of apps which are working towards getting […]

  • Top 5 Android Malware and Theft Protection Apps

    There is so much malware now everywhere that we just can’t leave our Android phones without any protection as we used to do several years ago. Fortunately, there are many good security apps for Android now, and they’ll protect your phone from viruses, different malware and even from being stolen or lost. Here are the […]

  • Top 8 Social Media Extensions For Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is pulling out all stops to become the most preferred browser ever, going by the range and usefulness of its extensions. Google knows where and how to pitch the winning throw. Social Media! What could possibly be dearer to the heart of the social networker than beautifully executed and useful social media extensions […]

  • 10 Geeky and Useful Tools for Bloggers

    If you are a geek and a blogger, then you probably already have a tool kit of sorts for your blogging platform. Tools can automate some of the more tedious tasks of blogging and help take your blog to the next level. Here are 10 geeky, blogging tools that work with all platforms and types […]