10 Unusual Facts About Laser Printers

Laser printers can be found in homes and businesses everywhere. They print invoices, term papers, certificates, and other important documents using a method based on static electricity. Here are some facts about the laser printer that you might not know.
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  1. In 2009, the fastest color laser printer designed for office use could print 37 double-sided sheets per minute. It could print out 47 single-sided sheets per minute. The price tag for the Dell 5130cdn is approximately $1500.
  2. The first commercial laser printer was made in 1975 by IBM, and used for printing mailing labels and invoices. The first laser printer designed for office use sold for a stunning $17,000. The HP LaserJet was the first printer created for mass markets, printing a stunning 8 pages a minute, and selling for $3500 in 1984.
  3. The fuser rollers in laser printers will heat up to nearly 400 degrees Fahrenheit to properly meld the toner to the paper. The rollers which move the paper are so fast that there is no time for the paper to smolder or burn to the rollers. There are some laser printers which use flash bulbs rather than fuser rollers to melt the toner to the paper.
  4. Toner will melt when it is exposed to low levels of warmth. The fuser rollers for laser printers are extremely hot as a result of the speed which paper is being forced through the machine. Toner spilled on your clothing should first be wiped off with a dry cloth or a small brush. If that is unsuccessful, use only cold water to remove it. Warm water on toner will melt the wax in the toner and stain your clothing.
  5. Laser printers are often considered to be more accurate than inkjet printers. Color laser printers can provide photorealistic prints at 2400DPI. These printers are also designed for longevity, since some of the oldest laser printers still receive regular use.
  6. Each laser printer cartridge represents nearly gallon of oil. This oil was used in the process of plastic creation and transportation of the cartridge to its intended destination. Most of the parts of the laser printer cartridge are reusable or recyclable.
  7. When printing, a laser printer will use three times more energy than an in-use desktop. In contrast, the idle state of a desktop will use five times more energy than an idle laser printer.
  8. Toner is composed of minuscule plastic spheres, rather than ink. Each manufacturer designs a toner which is specifically calibrated to the electromagnetic charges which are generated by the laser printer. Toner manufacturers keep the formula for toner creation secret.
  9. The initial cost of a laser printer is higher than an inkjet printer, but the cost of toner cartridges and paper is lower. The inkjet printer manufacturers make most of their profits from the sales of inkjet ink and will sell their printers for a pittance.
  10. Most brands of color printers will affix a small series of dots to every page with the printer’s model, serial number, and date. Occasionally, the buyer’s information will be placed within this coding. The quality of laser printers keeps getting better, and the dots were put into place as a viable counterfeiting measure. Many individuals have claimed that this practice is an invasion of privacy.

Laser printers are becoming more common in small businesses. It has become more affordable to keep a laser printer in the office than run down to the local copy shop to get a few copies made. Expect to see more laser printers hitting the market as the quality and speed of the laser process improve. You may also like to read our article on how to assign default printer to different applications.






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