Top 10 Netbook Computers

Netbooks are quickly becoming one of the most popular portable computers on the market. Some people may be wondering why this is, given that netbooks have less fancy specifications than most other types of portable computers. Although many netbooks have small hard drives, their ready Internet access (some even have access to 3G networks) makes them ideal for managing online file storage.
Netbooks either focus more on hard drive storage or online storage. If you plan on using the netbook in areas where Internet access is plentiful, then netbooks specializing in online storage might be more up your alley.


Like other types of computers, some netbooks are great and others can be quite crappy. There are a few key criteria used to evaluate netbook computers. How much memory can you get for a low cost? Even if you are running low intensity applications, memory is still a concern. You don’t want to risk a computer crash from the memory routinely being gobbled up by even small applications.
Although it is still difficult to ascertain a rigid order within the top 10, almost all computer review websites have come to some kind of consensus on which netbooks can really be called the top 10 netbook computers. Here’s a list.

Asus Eee

The various models of the Asus Eee netbook are praised for their sleek design and their attention to image and video rendering. This is a good netbook for multimedia content.

Asus N10Jc

This netbook is a beast in many performance tests. However, it sports a beastly size, and is so large that some computer reviewers don’t even consider it a netbook.

Samsung NP

Models in Samsung’s NP netbook line are usually above average in all criteria. If you are looking for a good general purpose netbook, a Samsung NP model will most likely not disappoint.

Lenovo Thinkpad

The Lenovo Thinkpad has excellent performance, and can easily handle more memory intensive applications than other netbooks. However, due to its short battery life, the Lenovo Thinkpad is more of a sprinter than a marathon runner.

Lenovo Ideapad

The Lenovo Ideapad has a massive hard drive for a netbook. It may sport an average processor speed and amount of memory, its virtual memory capabilities are notable.

Acer Aspire One

Acer’s Aspire One line is usually pretty average when it comes to specifications. The design isn’t spectacular. However, Acer Aspire One netbooks are incredibly cheap compared to other netbooks with its specifications.

Toshiba Mini NB

Netbooks in the Toshiba Mini NB line are noteworthy for their physical usability, with large keys and a pretty decent mouse pad. However, it might be a bit too bulky for some.

Gateway LT

Gateway’s LT netbooks probably have the most resilient batteries of those on this list. The bundled software package might be a burden to people looking for a bare bones netbook.

Dell Latitude

The Dell Latitude is one of the most rugged netbooks on the market. Its design is utilitarian, but it does better with wear and tear than many of its competitors.

Dell Inspiron Mini

Another hardy netbook from Dell. It has pretty decent specifics, but suffers from a high weight, and a poor display.

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  1. Computer repair tech

    I have a Dell mini netbook. They are excellent for portability. I use it for work and it goes in and out of my bag many times a day. I was thinking of getting a laptop then was advised to go for this and it was money well spent. If you want to use the internet and check emails this is what you need.

  2. Patrickleeman

    Great selection of netbooks! One model you should probably also mention is ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1005PE-MU17. The prices seem great and I could use it via wi fi on the train to and from work. I just wish it came with Windows 7 instead of just Windows 7 Starter. I was kinda considering trying Ubuntu on it for an Operating system.
    Hey can anyone suggest me where will I get the toshiba computer repair service center.