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  • Google Chrome Incompatibilities

    A Google employee has published a list of softwares that are seemingly not compatible with Google Chrome. If Google Chrome is installed with them, they will cause Chrome to crash. Here’s the list of softwares identified by a Google employee:

  • How to Manually Remove The Failed Microsoft Office 2010 Installation

    I had installed Microsoft Office 2010 beta which I downloaded from here and the installation was successful without any problems. In fact any newbie user can also install Microsoft Office 2010 without any problem. But when I tried to install the same setup on another computer, it got stuck in the middle and then I […]

  • Advanced File Types Association In Windows 7

    There used to be an option in Windows XP under Folder Options about the File Type Associations but this option disappeared in Windows Vista and Windows 7. One may argue that Windows Vista and 7 do have the file type associations option when accessed through control panel but this seems to be a cut down […]

  • Download Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010

    Microsoft Visio is a popular tool for creating drawings and diagrams. Now with the release of Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010 has also been released. Microsoft Visio 2010 includes a diverse set of pre-drawn shapes, ample drawing and templates for different categories like business, process management and IT. The ribbon interface gives users […]

  • How To Use Microsoft Office 2010 Free For 6 Months Without Activation

    I have already written about downloading Microsoft Office 2010 before. Normally Microsoft Office comes with a 30 day trial. After the trial period expires, Microsoft Office 2010 has to be purchased in order to use it. Rearming is a method to extend the trial of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office up to one month. Previously […]

  • Remove Old Versions Of Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

    Java Runtime Environment is notorious of installing multiple versions on the same system. When an update comes, the previous version of JRE is not uninstalled automatically. If you are Java developer then it’s beneficial for you otherwise it’s useless to have multiple version of JRE as only the latest version is used by the browsers […]

  • Download Latest Opera 10.5, Opera Mini, Opera Portable

    Photo by patrick h. laukeOpera is by far the fastest browser of all other browsers. Although Google Chrome is getting close to it but Opera 10.5 is a great advancement. It’s javascript engine is about 7 times faster now. There is an option in Opera called Opera turbo which will try to boost the browsing […]

  • SSD Vs HDD Comparison

    Solid State Drives are Technology of the Day. New Technology = Expensive Solid State drives with 64 GB capacity cost almost $180+ HDDs record data by magnetizing ferromagnetic material directionally, to represent either a 0 or a 1 binary digit. While SSDs use non-volatile flash memory

  • Internet Explorer Content Advisor Alternative For Firefox

    Internet Explorer Content Advisor is one feature that I like but I don’t like the working of Internet Explorer Content Advisor. Internet Explorer 8 has a very good Content Advisor. I have already written about how to password protect Internet Explorer using the content advisor.

  • Clear DNS Cache in Linux

    Previously I have posted how to clear DNS cache in Windows, now I thought of writing the same but for Linux. So here’s how you can clear your DNS Cache in Linux. This is specific for Redhat Linux. I don’t know if it will work on other Linux or not. Please tell your experiences. Issue […]