How to Manually Remove The Failed Microsoft Office 2010 Installation

I had installed Microsoft Office 2010 beta which I downloaded from here and the installation was successful without any problems. In fact any newbie user can also install Microsoft Office 2010 without any problem. But when I tried to install the same setup on another computer, it got stuck in the middle and then I had to go to the Tasks Manager and kill the Microsoft Office 2010 installation process from there.

But when I tried to install Microsoft Office 2010 again on the same machine, the setup refused to continue. The machine was refusing to install any version of Office including Office 2007 and Office 2003 due to the corrupt installation of Office 2010.
I downloaded the latest Windows Installer Cleanup utility and highlighted Microsoft Office 2010 and removed it, restarted the system and everything was fine. The setup of Office 2010 started working fine and installed successfully on this attempt.
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