Internet Explorer Content Advisor Alternative For Firefox

Internet Explorer Content Advisor is one feature that I like but I don’t like the working of Internet Explorer Content Advisor. Internet Explorer 8 has a very good Content Advisor. I have already written about how to password protect Internet Explorer using the content advisor.

I have been looking for a similar solution for Firefox. At last I have found an add-on called FoxFilter that does the same thing with Firefox as Content Advisor does for Internet Explorer. FoxFilter is a simple add-on that helps block inappropriate content in Firefox. Most of the features are free but for some features you have to pay a small fee. But most of the goals can be achieved through the free version of the add-on.
Get FoxFilter from here:
[download id=”185″]





2 responses to “Internet Explorer Content Advisor Alternative For Firefox”

  1. R.J.

    Is there a manual keyword-filter alternative to foxfilter?

  2. R.J.

    For i.e.?