Download Latest Opera 10.5, Opera Mini, Opera Portable

Photo by patrick h. lauke
Opera is by far the fastest browser of all other browsers. Although Google Chrome is getting close to it but Opera 10.5 is a great advancement. It’s javascript engine is about 7 times faster now. There is an option in Opera called Opera turbo which will try to boost the browsing speed through Opera’s powerful servers which compress the data before it is sent to the client meaning that you have to download less which will seem faster browsing.
See the video about the Latest Opera 10.5 .

Coming to the download, Opera 10.5 full installation can be downloaded from our servers from the following URL:
[download id=”274″]
If you are a mobile user and want to download Opera Mini, then you should download the following files and install them in your mobile:
[download id=”275″]
[download id=”276″]
If you want to use Opera through your usb, Opera Portable 10.5 is available for download from the following location:
[download id=”277″]