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  • Download Offline Update for Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

    While searching on  internet I found two techniques to offline update your Kaspersky Internet security 2010. I have observed very slow response of the update feature in the Kaspersky internet security. So I thought of updating it offline by a downloading the update in a zip. The offline update method can also be used to […]

  • How to Disable Startup Scan of NOD32

    If you have used NOD32 you might know that when you logon to windows NOD32 starts scanning your system. While the startup scan is useful but it slowers your system during every startup. You can disable it. Open the main program window by clicking the icon in the notification area or by clicking Start -> […]

  • How to Manually Remove Virus From USB Flash Drive without Formatting

    Note: The method will work on a system which is not affected by viruses. Otherwise you may not be able to delete virus files. Indication of Virus 1. When you plugin a drive, Some Autoplay feature polls you to select a option. If you see a folder like icon that reads open using the program […]

  • Perform Useful Tasks From Command Line

    What is the command line shortcut to open and close the door of CD-ROM drive? What is the command line shortcut to increase, decrease or mute system volume? What is the command line shortcut to turn off the monitor? What is the command line shortcut to logoff current user? What is the command line shortcut […]

  • Connect Different Applications To Different Internet Connections

    Photo by fluke42The people who have two or more internet connections use the two connections one at a time. Most of the offices have two or more internet connections, one for the main operations and others as backup connections. The problem is that we cannot use all the connections at the same time. I have […]

  • Close All Applications With One Click In Windows

    Several times in my Technology career I have encountered the problem of all the applications hanging at the same time and then refusing to close. Even if they get closed through the Task Manager by killing the respective processes, it’s a lengthy and time consuming task to close all the applications one at a time. […]

  • Optimize The System For Game Performance Improvement

    Nowadays PC games require a lot of resources in order to run smoothly. For games performance improvement, advanced users used to disable certain settings in their systems while playing games. But now there is no need to manually disable or enable those settings. IOBit Game Booster comes to the rescue.

  • How To Add Programs To Quick Launch Easily

    This is a similar trick to that of my previous article in which I had explained how we can copy the path of the file or folder easily. Now I want to share with you how we can add programs to Quick Launch very easily. Usually what we do is drag the shortcut to the […]

  • How To Copy Path Of A File Or Folder In Windows

    Just a quick post to let you know that I have found another shortcut to copy the path of any file or folder in Windows. If you want to find and copy the full path of a file, the quickest way would be (in my opinion), to hold down the shift key and right click […]

  • How To Find Hard Drive Information Via Command Line(CLI)

    Usually finding the hard drive space and other information in Windows is a tedious task to do. I mean graphically we have to lurk around a few screens to find out the exact information about the hard drive. If you want to get overall information about the system then you can use systeminfo command to […]