How To Find Hard Drive Information Via Command Line(CLI)

Usually finding the hard drive space and other information in Windows is a tedious task to do. I mean graphically we have to lurk around a few screens to find out the exact information about the hard drive. If you want to get overall information about the system then you can use systeminfo command to see the summary of the system. I was thinking that if we want to have some information about the hard drive from the command line what will be the command?
I have found the solution today. Let’s go through it.
Go to Start –> Run –> cmd –> diskpart

This will open another command line window with the following interface:
cmd diskpart
Issue the following commands in order to see some details about the hard drive for example, the total size of the hard disk.

DISKPART> list disk

diskpart list disk
This will show the full size and the free size of the hard disk drive in the system. If you want more information and even do some fancy things like setting a partition as active or inactive etc, you can type help and it’ll show all the available commands. You should experiment with care as it may damage your data.