Connect Different Applications To Different Internet Connections

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The people who have two or more internet connections use the two connections one at a time. Most of the offices have two or more internet connections, one for the main operations and others as backup connections. The problem is that we cannot use all the connections at the same time.
I have two connections in my office. One is connected through a wired LAN and the other one is connected through wireless LAN. If I want to use both the connections at the same time, one for some applications and the other for some other applications.
ForceBindIP is the answer to this. ForceBindIP is a freeware application that forces an application to use a specific network interface/IP address. ForceBindIP works in two stages – the loader, ForceBindIP.exe will load the target application in a suspended state and will inject bindip.dll into the application. This will make the application use a specific network interface/internet connection.

Let’s look at the usage of ForceBindIP. Please note that this little utility does not have any GUI so it can be run through command line. Install ForceBindIP from the following location and then go to CMD and issue the following command:
C:\>ForceBindIP –i ipAddress applicationPath
C:\>ForceBindIP –i “C:\program files\utorrent\utorrent.exe”
Download ForceBindIP
Download ForceBindIP from the above location.






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