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  • TUVPN – A VPN Service Worth Trying

    I have tried out several free vpn services and also wrote about them here. If I have to use the vpn service for a temporary period of time, I’m fine going with the free vpn service but if I want to use the vpn continuously, then I think I must go for a dedicated commercial […]

  • Find Keyboard Shortcuts Of Popular Softwares

    Productivity is one thing that everyone on the internet would like to have from his or her time. There are so much to say on how to be productive but as we only focus on productivity on the computers, I would like to share one resource that I have found today. Using keyboard instead of […]

  • Reveal Destination Of Tiny URLs

    Tiny URL services have become very popular nowadays. What tiny URL service does is that it takes a large URL and converts it into a smaller one. Technically it redirects the short URL to the large URL which is convenient in the sense that we don’t have to remember those huge URLs and website addresses. […]

  • Make Your Audio Louder

    Have you gone through the frustration of listening to an audio clip the volume of which is very low and can’t be heard. I usually have to put on my headphones to listen to such types of audio clips. I also use DFX Audio enhancer for enhancing voice quality in my Windows Media Player. The […]

  • Find Similar Images – Image Search Engine

    Normally the image searching technology used by major search engines including Google deploy a technology where we can key in a search word or phrase and the search engine will return the image results of that particular search. But what about if you want to search for similar images specific to your chosen image? TinEye […]

  • See All Latest Hollywood And Bollywood Movies Online

    Today I came across a site which gives the facility to see all the movies online. I have got almost all kinds of movies there. I’m not a movies fan nor do I see a lot of movies. I only like the movies of Jackie Chan or mainly martial arts movies that are some what […]

  • Search Rapidshare In Real Time

    Rapidshare is one of the most used file sharing site. It has got plethora of downloads. It’s like if you don’t get it anywhere else, you’ll get it on rapidshare. There are many other sites and services which offer to search the rapidshare database. It get in handy when we need something and we can’t […]

  • Top 3 Online Backup Services With Free Storage

    Everyone of us needs to backup our important data in one form or another. It’s always important to choose the safest method of backing up the important data. I create multiple backups of my important data i.e., I backup data in my external drive, burn it on a DVD ROM disk and backup online. Automatic […]

  • Find Default Router Passwords

    As an IT guy I have encountered so many places where the network was configured and no documentation was done whatsoever. The IT staff kept on changing and over a period of time, no one knew about the exact configurations and passwords of different systems and accounts. It’s always a headache situation whenever it occurs […]

  • RAR Files Free Hosting

    There are a zillion file hosting services. All the services offer something unique. Today I came across a file sharing site which is unique in the sense that it is specifically for RAR files. This is the description of the publisher: