Find Default Router Passwords

As an IT guy I have encountered so many places where the network was configured and no documentation was done whatsoever. The IT staff kept on changing and over a period of time, no one knew about the exact configurations and passwords of different systems and accounts. It’s always a headache situation whenever it occurs and I have encountered it a number of times.
But the fact is that when configuring routers and other hardware devices which do not interact with the internet directly, the passwords a left as defaults mostly. Although it’s not a good practice but most of the companies or IT departments don’t care about it. So if one forgets the password of a router or we have just reset the router to its defaults, we need the default password to open the router interface for the first time.

Here is the biggest list of router passwords. It has got almost every type of router password, be it telnet password or the web interface password. One only has to choose from the list his router brand and he gets all the default passwords for all the interfaces of that router model or brand. Mine is linksys so here are the results for linksys router which are pretty correct:
linksys router default passwords
Routerpasswords site can be accessed here:





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  1. Spiffy

    CLEAR123 is the WIXFBR-117 default password.