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rarhost There are a zillion file hosting services. All the services offer something unique. Today I came across a file sharing site which is unique in the sense that it is specifically for RAR files.
This is the description of the publisher:
rarhost site
RARhost is a unique and original free file hosting storage service only for .rar files!
Features for the uploader:

  • host unlimited .rar files online and share with friends.
  • 150MB size limit per .rar, split archives allowed with no upload limit.

Features for the downloader:

  • view the contents of the archive before you download, ensuring it contains the files you want.
  • advanced password support, no more downloading a .rar just to find out you need a password!

The 150MB size limit may not be considered as RARhost allows RAR files to be split in parts and uploaded. So if your rar file size is more than 150MB, you can always do a split and upload. I wish this was a builtin service in RARhost that whenever a file is more than the size limit, it automatically breaks up into parts which can be downloaded as an automatically recombined rar file.
My Own experience with rarhost is not very good but I want to keep it on my test list because they are still in beta and they may be encountering some bugs. Please let me know about your experiences about this service.
RARhost can be accessed here:






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    i would like to unzip a file

  3. Tyson Knolton

    Excellent piece of writing, this is very similar to a site that I have. Please check it out sometime and feel free to leave me a comenet on it and tell me what you think. I’m always looking for feedback.