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  • How To Convert RAR Files To Zip Files Online

    Most of the times we encounter archives with RAR extension which requires WinRAR to unzip them. WinRAR is not free and thus not an option for free software seekers or those who only have to unzip only a few files. There are free alternatives to WinRAR but those also have to be downloaded and then […]

  • All Microsoft Products Error Messages And Solutions Explained

    Microsoft is in the process of organizing their help and support system. Now Microsoft has introduced an online automated troubleshooting system. This will of course decrease burden on their telephonic help and support system. I like the new approach of organizing and giving the solution to almost every error message of Microsoft products in one […]

  • Create Fonts With Your Own Handwriting

    Have you ever thought about writing digitally in your own handwriting? I mean if I want to write an article in Microsoft Word but I want it to be in my own handwriting. I have found out a site that lets you create fonts in your own handwriting.

  • Find Time Of Any Place In The World Instantly

    I came across a wonderful site on which we can see the time of any city or place in the world instantly. Just drag your mouse over the place and you’ll know the time. Here is the feature list of the Qlock I’m talking about: Features Multiple, dockable clock windows Database of every major city […]

  • VIPeers – Yet Another Better Alternative To Rapidshare

    I hate rapidshare mainly because every second file on the internet seems to be available on rapidshare and rapidshare is miserable for free users. And if you have a shared internet IP, then forget about downloading from rapidshare. There are a zillion sites which have come up with their own file storage services but there […]