Search Rapidshare In Real Time

rapidstack logo Rapidshare is one of the most used file sharing site. It has got plethora of downloads. It’s like if you don’t get it anywhere else, you’ll get it on rapidshare. There are many other sites and services which offer to search the rapidshare database. It get in handy when we need something and we can’t directly find it on rapidshare, we have to use these sites and services to get our desired downloads. One service I use for searching rapidshare is rapidstack. Rapidstack is unique in the sense that it searches for our keywords in realtime.

Another good thing about rapidstack service is that it gives whether the rapidshare link is active or dead. So we know even before going to rapidshare that whether the file we are trying to download is currently active or has been deleted. Access rapidstack service via the following URL:






3 responses to “Search Rapidshare In Real Time”

  1. Rashid Rupani

    Here are some other rapidshare searching websites.

  2. saneeth also searches rapidshare directly.

  3. pavi is a website which belongs to this criteria