Find Keyboard Shortcuts Of Popular Softwares

Productivity is one thing that everyone on the internet would like to have from his or her time. There are so much to say on how to be productive but as we only focus on productivity on the computers, I would like to share one resource that I have found today.
Using keyboard instead of the mouse mostly gets faster results and is therefore a more productive approach. We can memorize keyboard shortcuts of different operating systems and applications by using them regularly. There is one site that I have found to be very useful in terms of keyboard shortcuts. It lists shortcuts of popular softwares. The list is still growing. The author of the site had abandoned the site a long time ago but now he has started working on it again. Hopefully it will provide a very good resource for knowing shortcuts of different applications easily.






One response to “Find Keyboard Shortcuts Of Popular Softwares”

  1. Lindy Mccuin

    Refreshing site. My family and I were just talking about this the other night. Also your blog looks good on my old palm treo. Now thats uncommon. Nice work.