Category: Security

  • Bitdefender Renames Suspected Files To

    Today one of the valuable readers of Technize mailed me about his problem. He has Bitdefender Internet Security installed and he was using some folder protection utility to password protect some of his important files. But Bitdefender Internet Security suspected all those password protect files as rootkit hidden items and then renamed them to […]

  • See Recently Which Files Were Opened On Your System

    Sometimes we need to know that which files were opened recently on our system. Here is a cool utility which can do it for you. It’s called RecentFilesView. It can show you all the files which were recently opened on your system. The good part of it is that you don’t have to install it. […]

  • Security Tools: Hijackthis Part 1

    What is Hijackthis? Hijackthis, abbreviated as HJT, is a system analysis and spyware removal tool for Microsoft Windows. It was created by Merjin Bellekom and acquired by Trend Micro which is know for its security solutions like anti-virus etc. Download and Install: First of all, download Hijackthis from the following URL: Download Trend Micro Hijackthis […]

  • How to turn off the bugging user account control (UAC)

    Again to Windows Vista, I have been working on Windows Vista for quite a few days now. There’s a new feature in Windows Vista called User Account Control. This alerts you whenever you want to do ANYTHING. And this is the most annoying when you have to do some tasks repeatedly. So I prefer not […]

  • Newfolder.exe Removal Tool 2.5

    To remove this virus and also some of it’s variants you can now use my own Anti-Virus It is able to detect and clean viruses only by running it. It can also remove virus from flash drives and scan single folders for viruses. By the time, I will add support for removing other viruses also. […]

  • Removing The Msn Virus

    Instant messaging has been increasing for years. And most popular IM software is Msn messenger. As the use of Msn messenger increases, more worms and viruses get propagated through the messenger. Here’s the latest one usually called the Msn virus. Technical Names: Also known as W32.Mimbot.A, W32/Delf-EXR, WORM_IRCBOT.AJY What it does: It comes through Msn […]

  • New Folder.exe Virus Removal Tool

    Virus Infections This virus affects your system by Disabling Task Manager Disabling Registry Editor Creates a startup entry to start upon system start and Creates its own exe files in Shared Documents folder which appear like ordinary folders. Disables Folder Options Uses your 50% or more processor

  • Remove the Brontok worm

    Brontok is a computer worm which spreads through emails and USB drives. There are so many variants of brontok but they basically work similarly. How do I know if my system is infected? You can’t start Regedit.exe When trying to start any other registry editor, the system restarts The system also restarts when

  • Scandoo – The Safe Web

    While surfing the web, I found out this cool website. Scandoo is a web security technology which scans the search results from google, yahoo and msn (Live) for security threats and tells the users if the webpage is safe or not. The Scandoo toolbar is also available for IE 7 and Firefox. Here are some […]

  • Show Hidden Files and Folders not working?

    A few days back, a client came to me and told me that he was having trouble with his Windows XP. The show hidden files and folders was not working at all. If he selected the radio button “Show hidden files and folders”, and then press Ok .. the changes would just disappear upon opening […]