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  • How To Remove W32.sillyFDC Virus

    Yesterday a friend of my came to my desk and asked me to copy some pictures. I inserted his USB flash drive and woosh — Virus alert says my Antivirus. For more information about which antivirus I use, please see this article. I wrote down the virus name and went to his computer to see […]

  • Get Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 100 day License Free

    While surfing the web, I got to this offer. Computer Shopper magazine is offering 100 day Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 license for free. Although this offer is only for Computer Shopper readers, everyone else can avail this offer by following the method below: First go to the following promotion page:

  • Top 5 Free Antivirus Software

    There has been a lot of debate on which software is the best, which takes the most resources and which is not good at catching viruses. Apart from all of the discussion, I am collecting all the free antiviruses which I have used at one time or the other. I have found all of them […]

  • How To Format USB Drive With NTFS File System

    The advantage of NTFS file system is that it is fast and it has got security options. But the problem is that usually the USB drives are small enough that NTFS is not recommended for them. But nowadays the USB drives are coming with larger sizes. So it’s better to format a drive as NTFS […]

  • Orkut Is Banned – Heap41a – win32.USBworm Removal

    Chiranjib had a problem with his computer. He was getting the following message when opening Orkut: ORKUT IS BANNED,Orkut is banned you fool`,The administrators didnt write this program guess who did??`r`r                                               MUHAHAHA!! On further research I found out that this is caused by a worm called win32.USBworm. It also blocks Firefox from accessing the internet. […]

  • How To Remove infostealer pws-yahmali Virus

    Today I got a mail from John stating that he wanted to remove pws-yahmali virus. So I have researched on the removal of this virus. McAfee detection center calls it pws-yahmali trojen and Symantec calls it infostealer.yahmali. It’s risk level is very low. And it’s only a password stealer. It attempts to steal the password […]

  • How To Remove Boot.vbs Virus

    Today my antivirus (NOD32 Security Suite) was creating troubles for me. After every five minutes, a request to debug the application would appear because the some module of NOD32 would crash and then reload. It has been a long time that I have been using NOD32. So I decided to test some other antivirus. There […]

  • Bit Defender Antivirus 2008 and Kaspersky Internet Security 6 Months Trials

    I have been watching the extended trials that almost every security vendor is giving away. But I was never interested in the offers as I had a full version of NOD32 Internet Security Suite. That was more than enough for me. I have been using NOD32 for a long time now and I love it. […]

  • XP-Antivirus Information and Removal

    For the past few days, I have been following with the latest malware called XP-antispyware. I was of the opinion that this is only spread via its own website and when downloaded and installed. But today it proved me all wrong. I was searching google and when I opened one result, to my surprise, another […]

  • Task Manager And Msconfig Disappear When Opened

    I have been observing many systems that are hit by viruses and as a result either the system utilities like task manager and the registry editor are disabled or they are made hidden. They just open and disappear in a flash. This behavior is caused if your system is infected with viruses. What would be […]