Remove the Brontok worm

Brontok is a computer worm which spreads through emails and USB drives. There are so many variants of brontok but they basically work similarly.
How do I know if my system is infected?

  • You can’t start Regedit.exe
  • When trying to start any other registry editor, the system restarts
  • The system also restarts when executing certain EXE files
  • The presence of the following files:
    %UserProfile%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\smss.exe
    %UserProfile%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\services.exe
    %UserProfile%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\lsass.exe
    %UserProfile%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\csrss.exe
    %UserProfile%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\inetinfo.exe
    %UserProfile%\\Local Settings\\Application Data\\winlogon.exe
    %UserProfile%\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Startup\\Empty.pif
    %WINDIR%\\%CURRENT_USER%’s Setting.scr
    All these files have the size of the worm’s main executable: 42,028 bytes(About 42 KB).

What does it do?

  • Disable Folder Options
  • Disable Registry Editor
  • Installs itself in the startup
  • When in memory, it will restart the system if any program involving the registry is started

How to remove Brontok?
Download and run this brontok removal tool from below:
[download id=”8″]
This tool will kill the brontok process, restore folder options and registry editor and fix system startup.






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  1. vijai.v

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    Thanks. It does remove the “windows eksplorasi” during start-up. Keep up the good work guys

  6. joy

    thankxs for the ravmon removal tool and mini tutorial here in your blog.
    i got a problem with my mother’s computer though, i downloaded the brontok remover, but everytime i run it the pc just restarts.. cant quite figure out why yet.

  7. ram

    I am a victim of Brontok worm: I used the above mentioned tool but did not kill it compeletely; I still cannot run cmd.exe: XP just re-boots!

  8. Anchal

    I have all the above mentioned processes running, my regedit wouldn’t open, my task manager was disabled, but the processes’ size isn’t 42KB. A few processes have greater size, and a few have less. I have an Antivirus that just shows up Worm.Win32.Autorun virus many times though I delete it each time. I’m unable to make out if i’ve been infected with Brontok. I even scanned with the Brontok removal tool, but nothing happened. But one thing did happen, I got a stop error screen that says BAD_POOL_CALLER. With this the no. of stop error screen messages increased to two. Please help!

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  14. Albert

    I have a about.Brontok.A virus on my system (Vista Home Premium) and every time that I try to download a virus removal or any kind of program the computer restarts by itself. What should I do?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  15. Novato

    Albert, this is what I did,
    Right click and Save as….
    Rename the exe file with a new extension before you download the file (for example: AntiBrontokAen.EXA ) and then in your Hard Disk rename again the file to .exe an voila !!
    The restart happens only when you try to download .exe files because of the damn brontok worm.

  16. Rohan

    I Dont Know which Virus Have In My Pc
    The Task Manager Disable Itself And Also
    Some Error And 3 .EXE Files Are Auttometicaly Create in Temp Folder Itself And I Can Not Delete It From My Computer
    Will u Plz Reply Me What Is This ?
    and Plz Send Me Removal tool Link

  17. Rohan

    I Dont Know which Virus Have In My Pc
    The Task Manager Disable Itself And Also
    Some Error And 3 .EXE Files Are Auttometicaly Create in Temp Folder Itself And I Can Not Delete It From My Computer
    Will u Plz Reply Me What Is This ?
    and Plz Send Me Removal tool Link

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    Thank you… i have been searching like 3 days for this simple answer wooow you are sooo helpfull dude!!! thanks a lot, this remove Brontok tool really works!!! thanks body….great website this one…..gracias muchas gracias….^_^

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    How to remove brontok.T worm?

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    It said it detected and deleted a bunch of files but I had two that it couldn’t delete. I went to the folders that they were in and manually deleted one but I couldn’t find the other. I’m not sure what more I can do?? Help!

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