New Folder.exe Virus Removal Tool

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Virus Infections

This virus affects your system by

Disabling Task Manager

Disabling Registry Editor

Creates a startup entry to start upon system start and

Creates its own exe files in Shared Documents folder which appear like ordinary folders.

Disables Folder Options

Uses your 50% or more processor

You can see that the folders in Shared Documents have an exe extension If you have unchecked Hide extensions for known file types in Folder Options


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Smart Virus Remover (unknown, 913,913 hits)

Comments (292)

  • hi,

    I am very glad to thank you providing this tool

  • hi,

    I am very glad to thank you for providing this tool

  • I fall into problems, that, i can remove the virus name may be sohanad. When I restart the computer I got a msge SSVICHOST.EXE Missing. When I pres ok then it will be Ok.
    How Can I solve this Problems?

  • I done as mentioned but still ” the run button is not fixed. please lead thorugh.

  • u are a GENIuS!!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent Work

  • Bahar Follow the instructions on How to manually remove viruses. Download the pack and you do not need to run procexp but run autoruns and in the Logon Tab uncheck SSVICHOST.EXE entry and you are done.

  • Its not working !!!

    Still PC’s infected…

    Pls. give some other solution to eradicate it.

  • Qazi, I have checked this tool fully on my PC and it worked for me, May be you have got some another Virus

  • Hi,

    My PC has “New Folder.exe” virus. i downloaded “NewFolder Sohanad virus removal tool” and installed it, But nothing is working.

    Help me.


  • Hello to all,

    I had the same problem. i tried F-PROT antivirus for DOS. Everything is ok now for me.

    you also try, its a nice one.

    With regards,

  • it works thank u so much

  • dear sir it works only until system reboots. after that same my system i got



    scvvhostr.exe thes virus pls give us a proper solution

  • My recommendation… use AOL’s ActiveVirusShield as you anti-virus, and Ad-Aware. AVS is based on Kaspersky and is FREE. You can download it from

    Turn off Auto-play on all ur drives, cause that’s how this virus spreads. Every time you plug in a USB or CD/DVD, scan it. Trust no one.

    To clean, run AVS… scan Critical Areas, it will prevent Sohand from protecting/regenerating itself. Run Ad-Aware to remove the Registry Entries. This will prevent it from starting as Windows boots up.

    Then re-start and safely delete the SSVICHOSST from either system32 or windows folders.

  • thank u a lot i have done a great effort to remove this virus and i even formated my pc and downloaded windows again but af first it was removed then after an hour the virus was found again but i have a small question how can i remove this virus from a flash disk i will be so grateful it u found a way to help me and again thnx a lot

  • Thank you Genious I am glad to tell you that I am very Happy bcoz it saved my lot of formatting of Computer.

  • hi,

    I am very glad to thank you providing this tool

  • Thanks Chief.
    U know I have the updated & Registered Symantec corporate edition Antivirus & have scanned my computer more then 3 to 4 times ( full scan ) but have not found this virus but the tool provided by you helped me get ride of this bloody virus. I was really tired of this virus, specially working with Removal Disks, even I was not able for format a Flash disk or go to Task Manager etc, & system was also very slow, altough I have an IBM Thinkpad Centrino Duo Laptop with 1700 Processor.. I was thinking to backup my data & reformat everything but was not pretty sure whether the data i backup will be clean of this virus, since SAV was not able to locate it.

    You saved lots of my time & Energy, Keep the good work up.
    With regards.
    Abasin Azad

  • hi to all
    its tool work but after restart new folder virus create and systtem is slow plz tell me any anti virus which block new folder virus i am waiting my answer

  • Dear sir/madam

    I have more viurs of the computer “folder.exe or new folder.exe” virus pleae u advice the how to remove it virus?


  • I am very glad to thank you providing this tool. My pendrive has still infected this folder how to remove it? do u have any suggestion? pls suggest me

  • I was really in avery big trouble with that virus. Many many thanks for providing that tool.Pls. suggest us How can we Guard for further infection from that virus?

  • I have an all-around tool that cleans it:
    cwean antimalware package

  • Thnx for appreciation ! I can make this tool better if you ppl send me feedback @ . The enhancements will be like the tool will be able to detect & remove the all virus of this family.

  • P.S Plz, You hate SPAM & So do I. Give your feedback with a subject “SohanadKiller”. that’s it !

  • Sir,
    I am using Winxp prof. and i downloaded and installed the tools provided by you.i have been attacked with new folder.exe and as i have gone through ur site..u instructed to use RUN ! but in my system if i type anything on my RUN command opens in NOTEPAD!! what to do?? in my another system with winXP..the RUN command is missing! i dont know what to do now! please help me.

  • ^ @ abee, Can u plz elaborate the problem dear, & try to send me a mail regarding this with various screenshots of your computer showing infections & actions of Virus. & Yes, I didnt instructed to use RUN or whatever you are saying, I just instructed to press the “Start Removal” Button. It’s gud to get feedback from u ppl, only then I can make my software much more good to help you all ppl out there. Anyhow, I’ll be waiting for the mail & just give the subject name as “Sohanad Killer”. & one more thing, Make Sure, before sending me mail, that you are using the latest version of my software.

  • hi,

    I am very glad to thank you providing this tool
    Thankyou So Much

  • Excellent,Friend It works fine with my OS and save effort for Reinstall All Things

  • You are a genius man… it really works .. thank you for saving my computer ..

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