New Folder.exe Virus Removal Tool

Virus Infections

This virus affects your system by

Disabling Task Manager

Disabling Registry Editor

Creates a startup entry to start upon system start and

Creates its own exe files in Shared Documents folder which appear like ordinary folders.

Disables Folder Options

Uses your 50% or more processor

You can see that the folders in Shared Documents have an exe extension If you have unchecked Hide extensions for known file types in Folder Options

Download Link

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292 responses to “New Folder.exe Virus Removal Tool”

  1. Ashraf+Genius….

    if its the matter of only one folder(new folder.exe) then use everything tool to remove newfolder.exe virus or if many folders of different name try to remove it by searching with its size.. because this folders(virus) ill be having same size… and delete it…

  2. Ashraf+Genius….

    Hi… if any query mail me @ and do not forget to add .exe for newfolder while searching and if many folders are affected than give *.exe in search with its size..

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    It works awesome

  4. Rahul Verma

    Please Send Me the serial key PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE my E – Mail Address is

    1. Sanix

      This software is free so you can use it without a serial key.


    good if it works to remove folder.exe virus & registry repairs

    1. Muhammad Abdullah

      yes, it works but with limited options to remove new folder.exe virus

  6. Sanix

    Abdullah I have tried it but it’s really not working. When I double click on the statusbar icon, smart virus remover doesn’t show up. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

    1. Muhammad Abdullah

      I will fix the problem in next week

  7. kaikai

    Thanks! It really helped me a lot 😉 Good job , guys!

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  9. Jester

    try search in google combofix and SDfix download it, then reboot your pc and set it in safemode then run the combofix when it finish scan run the SDfix. i hope this will help.

  10. ashraf


  11. susanta, biru

    Thans for antivioru its really helped

  12. rana

    plz send for folder virus softwaer

  13. Bilal Arshad

    folder virus can be removed maually very easily you can read this article

  14. asurabh

    txx a laot

  15. cantiga

    your file is corrupted

  16. moiz

    hello sir
    i have problem in my pc for newfolder virys infection
    plz help me email moiz_mohammed4

  17. gg

    When the New Folder.exe Virus is removed, either manually or with a program, what happens to the files in the original folders (that got converted into .exe. I’m very worried that if I remove the virus, it will format all of the infected folders and I’ll lose all of my documents.

  18. mahananda

    while double clicking my computer drive it comes open with what shall i do for this.

  19. ASHOK

    I have a problem with my pc that every folder make another file folder i cant understand to solve this problem pl. advice me to solvoe this problem to work with softness

  20. sai

    i have a problem with my pc…that every folder making another folder with webcam i can fix on that problem….

  21. Tejas

    Thanks !!! It worked.

  22. Bishal Thapa

    Thanks. Working percfectly.

  23. Arranger Mahmoud

    when i run the program my files hidden .. i cant open them … ???!! 

  24. HS Mehta

    I have scan my computer after that all icons of the desktop disappear
    what is the problem how can i solve that problem.

  25. Timir Patel

    Dear Sir,
    i have downloaded some movies from torrent and kept it in “D” drive but suddenly i fond some problem with “D” drive. whenever i try to open it, some error message is showing i.e. EXPLORER.EXE , please sir help me.



  26. mhmoud

    ???? ???

  27. akashgour

    when i am trying to open my G: drive,it cannot open and said xaooq.exe file is missing…..what i do please help me…..please

    1. @akashgour: Try to use Explore instead of open while opening the drive. If it opens successfully, delete the autorun.inf file in the drive.

  28. habib

    hi i want to make anti virus folder in cmd if this programes is avibile or formola is there so please send to me on this email

  29. Thank you so much o( ^_ ^)o

  30. Thanks for this tools I guess mine is fine now.

  31. my folders in flash drives becomes an application even an notepad but microsoft tool din’t change in to an application’ how can i solve this?