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  • 2 Tools To Find And Download Freeware Softwares

    Everyone wants to get his work done with as less cost as possible. Most of our everyday computing tasks can be done with freeware softwares but the problem is that we can’t find freeware apps about the category we’re looking for. While browsing the internet I have found two cool tools that will list down […]

  • SentryBay DataProtection Suite 6 Months Free Trial

    SentryBay’s DataProtection Suite protects every keystroke you make providing real-time protection from malicious software. Just plug and play with no set-up or configuration needed. Your scrambler will show how each keystroke you make is replaced by a fake random keystroke – which is what spyware picks up. Screen captures are also prevented, as are attacks […]

  • How to Manually Remove Virus From USB Flash Drive without Formatting

    Note: The method will work on a system which is not affected by viruses. Otherwise you may not be able to delete virus files. Indication of Virus 1. When you plugin a drive, Some Autoplay feature polls you to select a option. If you see a folder like icon that reads open using the program […]

  • Password Protect USB Flash Drive

    The USB flash drive has a very vast spread usage nowadays. It has replaced the floppy drive and even the CD ROM drive in most cases to save and transfer data between computers. The biggest problem with the USB flash drive is that it get’s caught by most of the viruses and viruses spread through […]

  • How To Remove Antivirus 7

    If you get something named Antivirus 7, please don’t install it. Although the name looks very similar to Windows 7 but it is not legitimate.  Antivirus 7 is a fake/rogue antivirus program that does not protect you from viruses. Actually this rogue antivirus is installed through the use of trojans and often bundled with other […]

  • Download Latest Free Antivirus Avira AntiVir 10

    Avira AntiVir Personal Edition is a free antivirus which is also very good in providing security to a system. Avira has released a new version of Avira AntirVir. The new version is 10. The features of the new version are: GenericRepair – repairs your system automatically. ExpressInstallation – install Avira AntiVir in just 5 clicks. […]

  • Don’t Let Others Copy Files From Your System

    There are times when you have to let your friends or other close people to sit on your system. The situation is alarming especially when they want to use a USB drive on your system. Your important and private data is at risk. MK Drive Access Control is a small utility that will lock your […]

  • Fix The Latest Internet Explorer 0-Day Vulnerability (KB981374)

    A few days ago, a vulnerability in Internet Explorer was discovered that could allow remote code execution by malicious users. The vulnerability exists due to an invalid pointer reference being used within Internet Explorer. It’s possible to access the invalid pointer after the object is deleted. Microsoft has already dispatched an update for the vulnerable […]

  • New Threat On Facebook Spreads Via User Created Malicious Apps

    A few days back, Websense security labs reported about a very critical threat spreading on Facebook. It is a malicious Facebook app that propagates via users themselves. It starts with an new application alert. If a users accepts to allow that application, it asks for extended access to the user account to post messages. If […]

  • Password Protect Files And Folders

    Ever wonder if you’re able to password protect your most important folders and even files alone? It’s really cool to have this kind of functionality in Windows. But Windows only protect files on a per user basis rather than password protecting the actual files or folders. Protect Me 2010 is a tiny utility which does […]