Latest Microsoft Windows 7 Activation Crack

Microsoft has been busy getting rid of all the Windows activation cracks that started to pour out even before the final release of Microsoft Windows 7. The activation cracks used to bypass the technology used by Microsoft that interpreted the activation.

With Service Pack 1, it became almost impossible for the hackers to crack the new activation technology used by Microsoft. But a new technique has emerged that uses SLIC and SLP to crack Windows 7 activation even before Windows 7 boot process which makes Windows look like genuine.

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Zeus Trojan And Password Stealer Detection And Removal

Zeus Trojan has been around for a few years now. It is one of the most active trojans which is in constant state of further development. The last varient of Zeus (ZBot) was found a few months back which was named version 2. Zeus Trojan steals personal information from the infected PC/system. But now a new version of Zeus trojan (Version 3) has just been found which is inflicting major damage in the United Kingdom (UK). While the previous versions of Zeus Trojan were caught by most of the antivirus companies but this new version is very hard to get caught.
Zeus Trojan uses an exploit toolkit named Eleonore exploit toolkit. An exploit toolkit can be used to serve multiple exploits through a web browser. The exploit toolkit makes use of vulnerabilities in web applications to get its work done. Eleonore exploit toolkit uses the following exploits:

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Unhide Files By Single Dos Command

Usually when virus hide files and it also remove folder options it is much difficult to get the files quickly if one is in hurry, although such virus can be removed manually (Read Remove EXE virus manually) ;
But I’m going to tell the the way in which you can UN-hide all the hidden files by on single command.
To apply this command follow the following steps

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10 Tell Tale Signs Your Computer Has Been Compromised

Is your computer acting out of sorts? Are you having trouble with pop ups? Your computer might have been compromised with viruses or malware. How can you tell whether your system has been infected? Here are ten telltale signs of malware infestation.
1. System Crashes
Unexplained crashing is one of the best ways to discover that your computer’s security is compromised. Viruses will often give your OS rules that it cannot abide by to make it tumble and fall. Check out unusual activity with an antivirus program.

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New Wireless Experience with Windows 7

Windows 7 is the latest addition to Windows based operating system and is being considered as much faster, safer and better then its predecessor Vista. Most of the Windows users are feeling satisfied after upgrading there systems to Windows 7 which is fuelling the rapid popularity and adoption of the operating system around the globe. Apart from features such as DirectAccess, VPN Reconnect, Multi touch to name a few and benefits such as greater speed, longer battery life, etc., Windows 7 also possess virtual Wi-Fi capability.
This virtual Wi-Fi capability is the key to new and enhanced wireless experience for a Windows 7 user because with this capability, a Windows 7 notebook with a plugged or embedded Wi-Fi adapter can be converted into a Wi-Fi router/Access Point. Such a Wi-Fi router is popularly termed as SoftAP, in short for software Access Point. Also, the same Wi-Fi adapter which is used to host the SoftAP, can be simultaneously be used as Wi-Fi client to connect to regular Wi-Fi networks.

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10 Programs That Protect Your PC for Free

Guest post by James Adams.
There are people who want to damage the function of your computer through the use of spyware, viruses and malware. There are plenty of downloadable applications which can prevent the aggravation and frustration of having these malicious programs on your machine. Here are some of the best FREE security applications for the PC.

1. Microsoft Security Essentials

This program prevents harmful software from being installed on your machine. It searches out worms and spyware, eliminating it quickly and effectively. When Microsoft Essentials is running on a PC, it feels very much like its part of the normal operating system.

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How To Detect And Avoid Gmail Scams

Yesterday I got an email in my Gmail inbox that was in Chinese but there was something suspicious in the email. It seemed like it was sent from Gmail itself. So I decided to investigate the issue.Let’s first look at the email that I received.

gmail scam 

I have translated it into English using Google translator. Here’s the translation:

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Two Free Cloud Antivirus Suites That Work Great

Cloud computing is on a rise nowadays.  Cloud computing is an internet based computing concept where multiple resources share multiple tasks increasing the overall speed of computing and reliability.  With the increase of other cloud computing services, Cloud antivirus has also emerged recently. The first cloud antivirus introduced in the market was Panda Cloud Antivirus which comes free of cost. I have used to cloud antivirus softwares which I want to review today:

1- Rising Antivius

I am mentioning Rising Antivirus first because I use Rising Antivirus on my servers and it’s pretty good. When installed, it seems like a normal antivirus. Rising Cloud Security is the feature which makes Rising Antivirus a cloud antivirus. Joining Rising Cloud Security is optional but is recommended because this enables early detection of zero day viruses and the updates get pushed quickly protecting us from the latest threats.

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