Fix The Latest Internet Explorer 0-Day Vulnerability (KB981374)

ms fix it A few days ago, a vulnerability in Internet Explorer was discovered that could allow remote code execution by malicious users. The vulnerability exists due to an invalid pointer reference being used within Internet Explorer. It’s possible to access the invalid pointer after the object is deleted.
Microsoft has already dispatched an update for the vulnerable versions of IE. It is advised that you update your Internet Explorer with the latest patches. Internet Explorer 8 is not affected by this vulnerability. Users using older versions of Internet Explorer should update their systems.

For those who are interested in having a close look at how this vulnerability works can watch the following video:

Internet Explorer 0-day Attack from Panda Security on Vimeo.
The users who are not able to update their Internet Explorer for various reasons (such as domain users with restrictions) should download and install the following fix provided by Microsoft which does not require any installation and takes care of the vulnerability.
Fix for IE Vulnerability (KB981374)