Category: Security

  • Remove Security Essentials 2010 (Fake Antivirus)

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a very good antivirus that was released by Microsoft a few months back. Nowadays rogue and fake applications are using the names or legitimate softwares to trick users into believing that it is the right product. Make sure that you have downloaded Microsoft Security Essentials from a trusted site. We have […]

  • Windows 7 Security Checklist

    As a Systems Administrator, I have worked with different types of systems and networks. The most sensitive issue about being a Systems Administrator or even an individual user is the security of the system. Security includes keeping the system safe from threats and viruses, user restrictions in case of a system used by multiple resources, […]

  • Security Alert: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation Email Contains Virus

    Yesterday a colleague of mine forwarded me an email that she had got in the name of another colleague. The title of the email was “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation”. The reply-to address was given as which was a little strange because whenever I get a mail from facebook, the domain is always I […]

  • Disable Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Rename In Windows

    Sometimes we have to give our beloved system to other closed ones. In this case when we are forced to share our system with others for sometime, we get concerned about our data whether it’ll be safe or the other person will delete it or move it somewhere else. Some sensitive data should also not […]

  • Google Redirect Virus Removal

    One of my fellows came to me telling me that there was some problem with his system. Whenever he wanted to search something in Google, an advertisement would open up instead of the search results. That was unusual because Google never does this type of ads. First I checked Google search on my system. It […]

  • Control and Protect Windows Desktop Settings

    When I was in the college, our lab computers did not allow us to change the desktop settings and I always used to wonder how it was done. It was done using the network administration tools provided in the Windows Active Directory. Linux has its own set of tools for this purpose. But when it […]

  • Latest Antivirus & Anti-malware Solutions comparison (August 2009)

    Lately AV-Comparitives have released their Antivirus/anti-malware comparison report. There are several interesting findings in the report. First of all, a little disappointment for me as I have been using Kaspersky for a very long period of time and I love this little giant. But somehow, now it’s losing its no. one position in the anti-malware […]

  • Download Microsoft Security Essentials Final Version

    Microsoft has been testing with the security solutions since a very long time. I remember when I tested Microsoft Antispyware which was a real time antispyware solution from Microsoft but it was not so much popular as there were far superior and products in the same competition market set. Then it was Windows OneCare solutions […]

  • See All the Hacked And Defaced Websites

    Well wouldn’t it be great if there was a site that published all the sites that were hacked or defaced and all the security flaws discovered on the internet. Luckily today I have found one. Actually I was searching for more information about the hacking of astalavista which was a very large community consisting of […]

  • Another Free VPN Service

    Update: See my latest article where I have written about 8 free VPN services including these. I have already written about 5 free VPN services here. Today I have found another one and thought I should share with my readers. It’s called Project Loki. It is a public network service which uses SSL for more […]