Password Protect USB Flash Drive

The USB flash drive has a very vast spread usage nowadays. It has replaced the floppy drive and even the CD ROM drive in most cases to save and transfer data between computers. The biggest problem with the USB flash drive is that it get’s caught by most of the viruses and viruses spread through the USB drive very effectively.
I have written about how to save USB drive from most viruses. There are two major advantages of the NTFS security, the first one is that the USB drive remains safe from most of the viruses and secondly, the important data remains safe as we can set our own security on each folder. I do it this way, one folder is for my personal data which can only be opened on my laptop. The main USB drive folder is read only so that no virus can attempt to copy itself on the main USB driver folder (autorun.inf file is the major cause of viruses). And one folder remains read/write so that I can write anything from any computer.
rohos disk

Anyways, a simpler way is to use Rohos Mini Drive. Rohos Mini Drive creates a hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash drive. Setup the protected partition on your USB flash drive by clicking Setup USB Key . Make sure you have inserted the USB drive in the computer.
setup usb key - rohos disk
It will take some time to create the new encrypted volume. After the volume has been created, it will create an executable called Rohos mini.exe. If you want to open your drive again on a guest computer, just run Rohos mini.exe and it’ll ask you for your password and upon authentication, it will create a new drive in Computer.
Download Rohos Mini Drive
Download Rohos Mini Drive from the above location.






2 responses to “Password Protect USB Flash Drive”

  1. Allen

    TrueCrypt and FreeOTFE also not bad.

  2. U Sani

    Yes, TrueCrype and FreeOTFE are both very good but they are not for USB drives while Rohos Mini Drive is specifically for the USB drives.