Download Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centa Free

Cyberlink DVD Suite is a collection of several products from Cyberlink. The latest version of this suite is Cyberlink DVD Media Suite 8 Centa. Although this suite costs £49.90 but is giving away a huge number of Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 (which is an older version of the product but still powerful enough to be downloaded and used) till the end of July.

Let’s look at some of the features of Cyberlink DVD Suite 7 Centa. Here is a list of tools included in this suite:

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5 Giveaways – All My Movies (Movie Organizer)

Those who have a large collection of movies or videos with them have a hard time organizing all the video stuff. It happens to me too. I usually download videos from the internet and copy all the movies to my hard drive after purchasing the DVD ROM so that I may be able to watch the movie whenever I want. Since I have a large hard drive, I don’t have any problem with the space. The only problem I have is organizing my large collection of videos and movies.
A few days back Smirnov from Bolidesoft mailed me about their product about organizing movies. I was very excited to test it as I was in desperate need of it. Let’s look at some of its features first.
all my movies

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Smart Ways to Do a Reverse Number Lookup

Sometimes it feels like the telephone directory is something to solve all of your problems. But in reality after the appearance of the term “unlisted phone numbers” everything got messed up. And know to make an actual reverse number lookup you need some additional efforts and sources.

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How to Make an Advanced Email Address Search trying to look for some email address some of us are getting really annoyed due to the fact that it’s taking a lot of time and not always comes up with the results we’re expecting it to have.
The main reason for such a failure is that no everyone knows how to do an effective email address search. That’s why the best thing to do is to make an action plan about how to do your actual research.
The best point to start with is to learn what email directories are, what their types are and how to use them. While I’m not going to stop on the first two as they’re a matter of two minute research over the web, but the third one needs an in detailed investigation.

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Download And Activate Trend Micro Internet Security For 1 Year

Trend Micro is a pretty known brand in the internet security market. Trend Micro, previously known as PC Cillin, offers its security products which come in the rankings of different Antivirus and internet security suites rankings. Although its ranking is not very high but it’s a good malware protection suite. I’m using it on my corporate network and am yet to see any problems.
trend micro

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Handy Backup – Automatic Data Backup, Recovery and Synchronization

This guest article has been written by Irina Pustogacheva from Novosoft. There are 5 licenses of Handy Backup as a giveaway from Novasoft. Anyone who comments on this article will have a chance to get a free license of Handy Backup software.

Hardware and software errors, viruses and malware, simple human mistakes – these are just a few reasons why it is important to care about data loss prevention and protect the associated operational processes. While insuring hardware assets seems to be manageable by most people, the question of insuring the most valuable asset, information and information’s integrity is of the same, if not higher, importance?

Handy Backup by Novosoft (downloaded at is award-winning automatic data backup and disaster recovery software. It is very flexible and can perfectly meet any individual requirements:

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All In One Video Software – The Only Software You Need For Your Videos

pump logo Have you ever tried to do one or all of the following?

  1. Tried to find videos from popular video streaming sites like Youtube or Dailymotion etc?
  2. Tried to play videos including DVDs using a media player and got an error of codec not installed?
  3. Wanted to send videos and movies to your friends but failed due to size limitations of the file hosting services?
  4. Wanted to convert one video format to another but couldn’t find an appropriate converter?
  5. Wanted to manage all your videos in one place but couldn’t find a better video catalog?
  6. And many more questions regarding videos.

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