Winners Of The Giveaway For All My Movies Movie Organizer

At last the time has come to announce the winners of the giveaway of All My Movies, the movie organizer software. A few months back we had promised 5 giveaways of All My Movies software. To read more about the giveaway, see this post.

We have picked up three users who have commented on that post. Their names are:





Congratulations all of you for getting the movie organizer. You can download the software from here:

Download All My Movies

To apply your registration, start All My Movies and select menu item “Help – About”.

Click on the “Register…” button and enter your registration details which you’ll get by email.

Please enter them exactly as they are, with no additional spaces or other symbols.

Note 1: Do not share your registration key with anyone! If your key is shared it will be

blacklisted and your license terminated.

Note 2: Do not use default database sample.amm as your own movie database because

it will be rewritten each time you reinstall All My Movies and your newly

added movies will be lost.

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