Free Giveaway – Lookeen Outlook Add-in

I have already reviewed Lookeen in my previous article about finding emails faster. Lookeen is holding a free giveaway contest just for readers.
lookeen 2010_

There are a total of 5 licenses that will be given for free. So what you have to do to get a free license? Just leave a comment here about Lookeen and you’ll automatically enter into the competition.
The results will be announced at the end of the next week so hurry up and leave your comments on this article. The lucky winners will be selected through






29 responses to “Free Giveaway – Lookeen Outlook Add-in”

  1. Rob

    Nice giveaway. I could really use this as I have a lot of emails and get lost trying to find something.

  2. Rick D

    Great Giveaway!! I have been a fan/supporter of OUTLOOK for years and this seems to be the ULTIMATE add on. Please give me consideration……………..Thanks

  3. Askvp

    Lookeen is a fantastic add on for the outlook. This is great add on for has more features on the xobni. Great blog you have and great giveway!!

  4. Chad D

    Sounds like just the thing I need to help me find the proverbial needle in a haystack…

  5. Manish

    Well how come technize finds out wat exactly i want….. damn u guys are magicians….. new life in corporate might get a bit easy wid this add on…

  6. Alvin Bruce

    To try and wish to get my free license.

  7. walang sangit

    thank you very much for your giveaway

  8. k19s

    Hi, great giveaway this is a very useful add on for outlook. please count me in

  9. bruno

    Look perfect for me. I have to try it.

  10. kurtumi

    thanks for GiveAway,
    Good luck to everyone

  11. Ref.

    Hello TechniZe!
    Thanks for this cool giveaway.
    I could sure use one lookeen Outlook Add-in too

  12. willieboy

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Please enter me in the contest.
    I have a large number of .pst files. I like to keep e-mails around for reference and tracking tasks. I do it by periodically saving individual .pst files with the task name. Sometimes I let the number of files get away from me.
    Lookeen looks like a real winner for me.

  13. ROHIT

    Thanks TechniZe for the giveaway. This is very useful for Outlook. Please consider me for the giveaway. Best Regards.

  14. Sandeep Gupte

    Please enter me in the giveaway draw as I would like to organize my emails with Lookeen.

  15. Abhay

    Nice Giveaway sanix
    thanks in advance

  16. garry53

    Wow this would certainly come in handy in handling my ever growing PST files. This looks like a perfecrt and essential toll for any Outlook User

  17. Melvyn

    I disabled Xobni on Monday after 3yrs of usage. For the last year I’ve been using Xobni Plus. It’s a great tool but I was experiencing Outlook crashes multiple times a day and thought it might be the culprit. Sure enough, 3 days after disabling it, I haven’t had a single crash.
    So I’m now in the market for an alternative. I installed Lookeen yesterday morning and it had a hard time creating an index. In fact I saw two crashes and a huge slowdown while it did so. Nevertheless I’m a patient man and I thought I’d give it a fair try once the index completed. Now that it has (“Index contains 157690 items”), I’m reasonably happy with it thus far. The date selector is great and I’m very happy with the responsiveness of the Lookeen application window. I also like the systray icon which allows me to call it up from outside Outlook.
    Hopefully, I’ll win a license and get to continue using it for longer than the 14 day trial!

  18. Eirik Oeyo

    Hi Melvyn,
    Given the symptoms you describe, I have a theory of why you were experiencing Outlook crashes. Since they also happened during the subsequent indexing with Lookeen, it indicates that it’s not a Xobni (or Lookeen) specific issue, but that it’s likely due to corrupted Outlook data files (or possibly another add-in conflict). These earch tools traverse the entire email tree, which may expose any pre-existing data inconsistency. If you only experience crashes when an application is accessing the corrupted data, this explains why you would not see it while the add-ins are disabled or uninstalled. Even though they perform a simple read operation, Outlook may indeed crash. The first recommended remedy is to use the built-in repair tools that ship with Outlook: SCANPST (and SCANOST). Unfortunately, this process is quite manual and time-consuming, and the scans must be repeated until no errors are found (on average 3 times for each file). Luckily we now provide an easy way to automate this with the Xobni Diagnostics tool (InspectorX):
    (You can run this tool even without Xobni currently installed.) You may even have both Xobni and Lookeen installed at the same time, so you can always use the tool you prefer. Don’t hesitate to contact me or Xobni Support if you run into issues like this or if you have other questions.
    Let me know how that goes!
    Xobni Support

  19. Mike

    Looks like something I could use. Please enter me in this giveaway.

  20. Grr

    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
    I’m using Outlook 2003 and have various pst files from past 5 years. Due to the limitation of 2Gb on pst file, i have to go with a new pst file almost every 4/5 months. Searching mails becomes a cumbersome task for me at times. Having Lookeen plugin will help me a lot finding files which are almost lost for me.
    Appreciate if you could allow me to participate. This is something i’ll be using on daily basis.
    Thanks, Grr

  21. Ben

    I would like to win
    Thank you

  22. GT

    I’m using the oulook only for both the mails. mail1 is my personal use and mail2 is office mails. there are many outlook database files pst which tkaes times to searching and i will still not find my email. your giveaway will be helping in my searching in my daily work.
    Please account me in.
    I hope to win, as i never win any places.
    Mr. G.T.

  23. Not disclosed

    I have emails that I have collected over 5 years and the several PST files add up to more than 10 GB in size. The only way to access what I need is through a fast and local search engine. After using and getting frustrated with MS and Google Desktop searches, I have finally found Lookeen. It’s fast and helps me trace the email I need. Awesome !!

  24. Sanix

    The Giveaway has been locked. I thank all the participants till now. The winners will be announced tomorrow 🙂

  25. Ian F

    I was a user of Xob ni for a number of years and thought it was a great tool and I was hooked. I started having performance issues where Outlook would lock up and eventually crash. I’ve read over the specs on Lookeen and really sedems like it has jumped way ahead of Xobni and would love the opportunity to get such a package to work with my Outlook PST files.

  26. dsdf


  27. surbhi

    Lookeen is great it is really great

  28. JN

    Thanks for a great program and a good give-away

  29. mrX

    Lookeen is great it is really great