5 Giveaways – All My Movies (Movie Organizer)

Those who have a large collection of movies or videos with them have a hard time organizing all the video stuff. It happens to me too. I usually download videos from the internet and copy all the movies to my hard drive after purchasing the DVD ROM so that I may be able to watch the movie whenever I want. Since I have a large hard drive, I don’t have any problem with the space. The only problem I have is organizing my large collection of videos and movies.
A few days back Smirnov from Bolidesoft mailed me about their product about organizing movies. I was very excited to test it as I was in desperate need of it. Let’s look at some of its features first.
all my movies

All My Movies is a personal movie database which is quite efficient in organizing your movie and video collection. It can be used to catalogue your personal collection of videos (AVI, MKV and other) Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, etc. The good thing about All My Movies is that it can automatically fill in the description of the videos which it downloads from internet movie database.
A detailed feature list of All My Movies:

  • Easily import movie details from internet movie databases available in various languages. Additional internet movie databases are supported with the plugins for All My Movies
  • Extended cast details. Automatic lookup for actor photos, birthdays, filmography and biography.
  • TV Series support. Auto filling episode title and descriptions.
  • Ability to print collection using any existing report. Or you can create your own report with the built-in report editor.
  • Ability to add DVD/Blu-ray using UPC/EAN barcodes. Just enter (or scan with a special scanner) barcode numbers and All My Movies™ downloads all the rest of the information automatically. Cheap CueCat barcode scanners are fully supported.
  • Large cover image and movie posters import from internet databases like Amazon.com and DVDEmpire.com
  • Ability to save your collection to mobile devices like PDA or smartphone
  • Supports DACAL DC-300 CD Library II device
  • Able to generate images with movie details for several hardware media players like Tvix or Dune
  • Ability to play movies directly from the program. Can be used as video playlister
  • Third party plug-ins supported. There are plugins for movie details import from Ant Movie Catalog and MovieTrack software
  • Import DVD/Blu-ray catalog from other formats (CSV text format, MS Excel files and AMC (Ant Movie Catalog) files). Easy migrating
  • Clear overview of your video inventory with nice collection statistics
  • Skinnable user interface. You can use standard Windows XP themes as skins
  • Capture stills directly from DVDs or AVI files and add them to the movie database to help you remember the movie.
  • Fast movie search using any of the database fields – title, director, year, cast of movie, genre, description, movie synopsis, etc
  • Export your video collection to PDF, HTML (several templates are available or you can create your own) , plain text, CHM or Microsoft Excel format, so you can place it on your home web page or import into some other software
  • Password protect your movie database
  • An easy way to share your movie database with friends. Impress them!
  • MediaInfo.DLL support for reading technical details from video files
  • Multilevel automatic backup option – you will never lose your collection!
  • Easy to use loan manager

Bolidesoft is giving away 5 free licenses worth $59.95. Just refer 5 people to this article and comment about the software and you’ll get a fair chance to take the All My Movies for free 🙂

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  1. ooi

    The link fail !! Pls reupload again!! Thanks

  2. Sanix

    Hi ooi. Are you talking about the download link? If yes then don’t worry, I’ll mail you the download link along with the license once you win the license :-). You’re the first one to comment. That increases your chance of winning by 90%.

  3. Abhay

    hey can i get one
    thanks in advance

    1. Sanix

      Sure you’ll get a license once the promotion completes. Just refer Technize to your friends and you’ll get a fair chance of winning the license. By the way you have already got 90% chance of winning by commenting here 🙂

  4. metibabe

    My friend has this program and it’s one everyone should have….it’s amazing!!

  5. Tracy

    The program looks amazing and just what I was looking for to keep track of all the movies i watch, It would be great if I could have a chance at getting in on this givaway.

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    I’ve tried everything. I need a video i can download from the internet (like naruto episodes) to my videos and import it to windows movie maker

  7. videoconferencing

    I want to know if u guys have any good websites that has video contests on them, i’m lookin for contests to enter, mainly film, so if u guys can help out post the link 🙂
    links are always a plus!!