All In One Video Software – The Only Software You Need For Your Videos

pump logo Have you ever tried to do one or all of the following?

  1. Tried to find videos from popular video streaming sites like Youtube or Dailymotion etc?
  2. Tried to play videos including DVDs using a media player and got an error of codec not installed?
  3. Wanted to send videos and movies to your friends but failed due to size limitations of the file hosting services?
  4. Wanted to convert one video format to another but couldn’t find an appropriate converter?
  5. Wanted to manage all your videos in one place but couldn’t find a better video catalog?
  6. And many more questions regarding videos.

PUMP is one software that has an aim to answer all these questions and features in one box. That is PUMP will have all the features that one can think of related to videos from searching the videos online, to downloading them and managing them in one place. Most of the features are already incorporated. You can see the features in the following video.
Right now PUMP is in closed beta but don’t worry I have got the invite codes for my visitors so that Technize users can test the software before it is even released to rest of the public.
First of all I would like you to see the video explaining what actually PUMP is:

This video pretty much explains what actually PUMP does. Right now I’m also testing the software and am finding it very much useful for my own use. I would strongly recommend to atleast test it once. I hope if you use it once, you’ll use it forever 🙂
If you want to download PUMP, go to the following URL:

When asked for the invitation code, give the following code:


The download will start for you. This invite code is valid for 1000 downloads, so hurry up and grab your download before the invitation code expires. Please test the software and give your comments here. I would love to hear from you on this sweet software.