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  • Firefox 6 Aurora Build Download Available

    It has been a few days when I wrote about Firefox 5 Beta being available for download but now it’s Firefox 6 that’s come out of the development cloud. I think Mozilla is taking the same approach as Google Chrome development team where they are rapidly releasing the new builds of Google Chrome. Firefox 6 […]

  • Firefox 5 Beta, New Features, Enhancements And Download

    Firefox 5 Beta has been officially released by Mozilla and is available for download and testing. Mozilla has also announced the development plan for Firefox 5 Final and even Firefox 6 Beta. According to the plans, Firefox 6 Beta will be released in about 3 months time. Let’s look at the new features of the […]

  • Opera 11.11 Final Available For Download

    The new stable version of Opera has been released and now the latest version is Opera 11.11. The previous version was 11.10 so the new version is not a major release and fixes some security issues. Therefore it is recommended for all the users who use Opera to upgrade to the latest version. I use […]

  • Google Chrome 13 Beta Available For Download

    It’s been about two months when I wrote about Google Chrome 12 Beta and amazingly Google has released the next major beta of Google Chrome. So now the latest beta version is Google Chrome 13.0.767.1 Beta. Google Chrome 13 adds a new feature called Background Apps. Background Apps lets you run Google Chrome apps in […]

  • Download Google Chrome 11 Portable

    Last time I wrote about Google Chrome 11 Beta but now Google Chrome 11 final has been released and can be downloaded from Google. And now Google Chrome has the beta version of 12. Now Google Chrome 11 Portable has been released. It has the same features as the regular Google Chrome. Some features of […]

  • Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 Free One Year License

    Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 is available for download as a trial version for 1 year. Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 is unique in the sense that its protection is backed by Comodo’s Virus free guarantee. So if you have the security suite installed and your computer gets infected by a virus, you’ll get $500. […]

  • GeeMail – Microsoft Outlook Alternative Email Client For Gmail

    If you’re using Gmail and looking for a good desktop email client which contains all the features of Gmail’s web based interface along with the features of a desktop client, look no farther than GeeMail. I have been using Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird for my emails for a long time but never got as […]

  • How To Remove Toolbars In Firefox Internet Explorer And Google Chrome

    Many freeware and even shareware softwares nowadays come with bundled programs that get installed automatically without much knowledge to the user. Most of the non-techie users will find themselves in trouble once these bundled programs are installed and get into the way of the work being done on the computer. One such hindrance is from […]

  • Download utorrent 3 Beta

    We have finally got utorrent 3 beta after some time. It was in alpha stages for some time now. The new release shows some promise with lots of new features. The look and feel of the torrent client has also been changed. Some of the new features include easy sharing of files (just drag and […]

  • Fix Firefox Memory Problems With Memory Fox

    As we all know that Firefox is a memory hog. It takes a huge amount of memory. If you run Firefox for a day or two without closing it, it will take huge amounts of memory in order to run and the system becomes slow overall. This problem has existed from the beginning. Since Firefox […]