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  • 10 Essential Free SEO WordPress Plug-ins

    WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for blogging and WordPress plugins are there for spam control, SEO, photo galleries and many more features. Any website is incomplete without SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This is the most obvious way by which a website can be made popular. There are a number of SEO […]

  • 5 Major Reasons to Use Windows Live Writer For Blog Posting

    Windows Live Writer is the right thing to choose for all the bloggers out there. Blogging has now become an essential part of life of several writers. Through their blogs, they are able to express themselves. This eventually brings loads of writing opportunities for them. Before moving further, we would like to explain you a […]

  • Top 8 Social Media Extensions For Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is pulling out all stops to become the most preferred browser ever, going by the range and usefulness of its extensions. Google knows where and how to pitch the winning throw. Social Media! What could possibly be dearer to the heart of the social networker than beautifully executed and useful social media extensions […]

  • Download Google Chrome 13 Stable With Instant Pages Feature

    The stable version of Google Chrome 13 has finally been released today. There are a few new features included in Chrome 13. I have already mentioned some of the features in my previous article about Chrome 13 beta. Let’s take a look at the major features of Google Chrome 13. Instant Pages Instant Pages feature […]

  • Portable Firefox Backup Software

    We have already talked about how to backup the user profiles in Firefox manually without using any software. There are a lot of software which will automate the process of Firefox backups very easy but I have yet to find a software which is portable and offers all the functions of other backup software. Today […]

  • Download uTorrent 3.0 Final Version With File Sharing And Streaming Options

    uTorrent 3.0 Final has been released. I have updated my uTorrent 3 beta and no problems have been encountered ever since. The beta of uTorrent 3 was a long process which finally came to an end. uTorrent 3.0 stable comes out with lots of improvements and new features. We have already discussed a few features […]

  • Firefox 5 Portable–Take Your Firefox Browser Anywhere In A USB Drive

    Firefox 5 has been released only a few days ago and I have already written about a problem while upgrading Firefox 5. There are a lot of addons that are incompatible with Firefox 5 while they work fine with Firefox 4. In this situation, if you want to run both Firefox 4 and Firefox 5 […]

  • Firefox 5 Software Update Error

    In this article we will discuss the Firefox 5 software update error when upgrading from Firefox 4 to Firefox 5. I have already written about the new release of Firefox 5. I was waiting for automatic update of Firefox 5 to be available and today I got the notification that there is a new version […]

  • Google Chrome 14 Beta Available For Download

    The rapid development of Google Chrome browser continues as Google Chrome 14 Beta has been made available for download. The new major version of Google Chrome comes with new exciting features including the new’s Instant Pages feature.’s Instant Pages feature is powered by Google’s pre-rendering technology which helps to load a webpage almost […]

  • Download Mozilla Firefox 5 Final Release (Direct Links)

    Firefox 5 Final has been released ahead of the schedule. It was scheduled to be available for download on 21st June 2011 but it has been released ahead of time. I had previously written about Firefox 5 Beta features. The new Firefox Final is not yet available for download officially but it is available on […]