GeeMail – Microsoft Outlook Alternative Email Client For Gmail

If you’re using Gmail and looking for a good desktop email client which contains all the features of Gmail’s web based interface along with the features of a desktop client, look no farther than GeeMail.
I have been using Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird for my emails for a long time but never got as easy as I was with the web interface of Gmail. Today I’ve found GeeMail which is the desktop client for Gmail. GeeMail is an Adobe Air application which is very easy to operate. There is no configuration that’s needed. No IMAP or POP settings are required. The application will open in a Gmail like interface and will ask you to login to your Gmail account.
Geemail - Desktop Client for Gmail
Since I have enabled 2 step verification of Google accounts, I wasn’t able to login to my account from GeeMail. I had to authorize GeeMail in order to login from there. The first logon took a long time, about two minutes but I was surprised to see the interface. It was the old interface of Gmail.
The search function was quite fast and retuned results almost instantly but opening an email took some time. Another thing I noted was that the email was completely text based. Even the hyperlinks were presented as text. The application works even in offline mode so if there is no internet, you can access your Gmail account. Another advantage of GeeMail is that it is cross platform. It can run on any version of Windows, Linux or Mac and only needs Adobe Air to be installed.
Download GeeMail from Sourcebits.