Google Chrome 13 Beta Available For Download

It’s been about two months when I wrote about Google Chrome 12 Beta and amazingly Google has released the next major beta of Google Chrome. So now the latest beta version is Google Chrome 13.0.767.1 Beta .
Google Chrome 13 adds a new feature called Background Apps. Background Apps lets you run Google Chrome apps in the background while you can browse. This is especially useful for syncing data with internet services like Facebook or Twitter etc.
Google Chrome also adds a Profile Switcher which lets you switch between different profiles in real time. So now you can have different profile for different Google Chrome windows.
Other fixes and features include the following:

  • Print preview work continues
  • Omnibox string matching improvements

Overall Google Chrome is developing nicely and is becoming better and better with each release and the releases are fairly rapid. Google Chrome 13 Beta can be downloaded from here.
Update: Google Chrome 13 Final has been released. More details and download Chrome 13 Final.





One response to “Google Chrome 13 Beta Available For Download”

  1. Senina.chung

    Still beta version, I will wait untill the final version is available just as what I did to Avant browser,^^,rather to use the 2010 build not the 2011 beta.