Firefox 6 Aurora Build Download Available

It has been a few days when I wrote about Firefox 5 Beta being available for download but now it’s Firefox 6 that’s come out of the development cloud. I think Mozilla is taking the same approach as Google Chrome development team where they are rapidly releasing the new builds of Google Chrome.
Firefox 6 improves the overall performance of the browser while giving more control to the users for their browsing environments. The biggest feature that has been included is “about:permission” which provides control over the data that a website collects during your browsing time for example, cookies, passwords and location information etc. This may be a big step in privacy control.
data management ui
The Add-ons manager has some enhancements and can quickly verify the compatibility of the current installed plugins directly from the add-ons manager.
Panorama Groups are already there in the current build of Firefox. Firefox 6 improves on the current functionality by offering Panorama Groups on demand which loads the saved panorama tabs only when using panorama. Otherwise you can open Firefox quickly without wasting time on opening the saved tabs.
There are some improvements for web developers as they’ll get all the development tools in one menu, the Web Developer menu.
web developer menu
Firefox 6 also supports HTML5, DOM level 3, server sent events and networking technologies. If you have already installed the Aurora build of Firefox 6, you will automatically get notifications of the new builds being released and available for download.
To download Firefox 6 Aurora, you can go to Mozilla’s Firefox Channel. Please note that Firefox 6 Aurora build is not even in beta yet so it may contain many bugs. So it is advised that you should not install this release on your production systems.