Firefox 5 Beta, New Features, Enhancements And Download

Firefox 5 Beta has been officially released by Mozilla and is available for download and testing. Mozilla has also announced the development plan for Firefox 5 Final and even Firefox 6 Beta. According to the plans, Firefox 6 Beta will be released in about 3 months time.

Let’s look at the new features of the new Firefox 5 Beta. Firefox 5 makes it easy to opt out of the interest based advertising. Interest based ad companies track the user’s web history in order to display customized advertisements which can be disabled through Firefox 5 preferences menu. Firefox for Android is the only browser which has taken this feature to the smart phones.

Firefox 5 Beta Download

Channel Switcher is a new feature of Firefox 5 and is used to switch between different releases of Firefox 5. For example, you can install and use Firefox 5 Alpha, Beta and Final (Aurora) releases together and then use the Channel Switcher in order to switch between Alpha, Beta and Aurora releases. This can be very helpful to developers and testers.

In addition to many other fixes, HTML 5 seems to be the future of the web and Firefox 5 has several improvements regarding HTML 5 to make the web a better experience.

The most visible improvement in Firefox 5 has been the support for CSS animation. This is a great feature for developers making it a direct competitor to Flash as the developers will be able to use CSS animations instead of creating Flash movies.

The new Firefox 5 Beta can be downloaded from the Mozilla Beta Channel. The beta version is available in many languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Korean and Spanish.You can download Firefox 5 Beta for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.