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  • Try 4 iOS Ready Instant Messengers for Convenient Chatting!

    I understand that many iPad and iPhone users prefer applying video chats via Skype. However, a lot of people still find instant messaging clients very useful for quick chatting. Skype has a feature of IM as well but still there are better alternatives to this tool available in the AppStore. I offer for your consideration […]

  • 5 Essential Tweaks for New Android Phones

    There aren’t many things you can do with a newly-bought smartphone unless it’s Android – Google’s open-source OS allows a huge number of useful tweaks to be done. And here are the most useful ones – you can do these even if you’re new to Android and don’t know much about smartphones. 1. Improve battery […]

  • Will Windows 8 Secure Boot Address x86 Device Market By Preventing Piracy?

    For quite some time, the market has been rife with the news that the latest version of Windows, Windows 8, is going to be launched sometime soon. While there is no official word on the matter, there have been many rumors that have spread. Most of them have been denied but some information has been […]

  • 5 Best Social Media Apps For Your Smartphone

    Now that many more of us are using our smartphones to carry out our social networking chores on a daily basis, the demand for apps that enable you to get the job done quickly and efficiently are growing by the day. However, with so many of these software widgets and websites around, it can be […]

  • 5 Android Apps for Web Designers

    Start-up businesses largely depend on a website for branding and marketing purposes. While there are so many webmasters and business people in the industry today seeking to make some presence online, not all of them are knowledgeable when it comes to web designing and development? What this therefore means is that the job prospects of […]

  • Health Risks of Having a Cell Phone

    So many people use a cell phone on a daily basis. Since cell phones hit the market, they’ve been steadily increasing in popularity, and at this point it’s hard to find an adult who doesn’t own one. Society’s use of cell phones has also evolved, as they’ve become more and more central to our everyday […]

  • How To Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4 On iPad 1 And 2

    Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich is out and tech buffs are eager to check it out. The fervor, after all, is quite normal as the all-new Android 4.0 has a fresh seem and gives a considerable upgrade to all Android devices. The latest Ice Cream Sandwich can be acquired on iPad 1 as well as iPad […]

  • New Handsets by Nokia for Emerging Market

    Just when other manufacturers set their sights on devices with slim chassis and mobile phones with advanced features, Nokia has got a new market to concentrate on. After targeting pocket conscious consumers and style seekers, the company now focuses on the emerging markets through four new mobile phones. Though Nokia has been big on locally […]

  • 5 Best Driving Apps That Will Help You On The Roads

    There is no point in denying the usefulness of smartphones in this age when they have only simplified the lives of many in practically all walks of life. Efficiency in all matters is what happens to be the high point of the current times. Thus, there are thousands of apps which are working towards getting […]

  • Top 5 Android Malware and Theft Protection Apps

    There is so much malware now everywhere that we just can’t leave our Android phones without any protection as we used to do several years ago. Fortunately, there are many good security apps for Android now, and they’ll protect your phone from viruses, different malware and even from being stolen or lost. Here are the […]