New Handsets by Nokia for Emerging Market

Just when other manufacturers set their sights on devices with slim chassis and mobile phones with advanced features, Nokia has got a new market to concentrate on. After targeting pocket conscious consumers and style seekers, the company now focuses on the emerging markets through four new mobile phones. Though Nokia has been big on locally relevant services and content, the anticipation to strengthen the emerging market just seems to elevate.
Nokia 5000
The first handset from Nokia’s latest portfolio is Nokia 5000, an entry level multimedia phone. The addition emerges to be perfect for users who have been searching up and down for an inclusive device to replace their first phones. Designed aesthetically, the feature-blessed phone comes equipped with an absolute right amalgamation of communication tools, business features and sense of style. The promising piece from Nokia, however, is anticipated to start selling this quarter for about $141, exclusive of taxes and subsidies.
Nokia 1680 Classic
Apart from this, the company is expected to start selling the new Nokia 1680 Classic. Touted to be the most low-priced camera phone, the pleasant looking 1680 Classic will also pack in interesting features to simplify users’ personal as well as professional lives. The handset will have a price tag of 50 Euros, excluding taxes and subsidies. By designing these new phones, the manufacturer aims at flourishing the emerging market with right solutions.
Nokia 2680
According to the Finnish handset maker, the promising Nokia 2680 on the other hand will boast of its unique sliding design which should complement users who prefer convenience of usage. Users will be required to shell out 75 Euros for getting their hands on the sleek Nokia 2680.
Nokia 7070 Prism
Wrapping up the portfolio of new phones is Nokia 7070 Prism, priced at 50 Euros. The trendy yet performance oriented Prism should be buzzing the market somewhere in the third quarter of this year. Nevertheless, Alex Lambeek – Head of Emerging Markets Business at Nokia’s entry unit believes that focusing on emerging markets by the virtue of new devices will reinforce the position. Also, through the development of four new handsets, Nokia plans to cater to users’ diversified needs – be it advance features, the overall design, or the purposive services and integrations.
Hopefully, by taking advantage of Nokia’s latest handsets, users will be enabled to execute their everyday activities and perform other tasks with unprecedented ease and comfort. Right from indulging in time-gripping conversations, staying closely knitted with near and dear ones, to preserving good memories in crystal clear resolution, the units make everything possible.
Since not much information has been divulged on their furthermore details on other specs, it might be a bit too early to comment on the overall performance standard. Having said that, all we can do for now is just bide out time and wait for Nokia to reveal some significant details on the same. As far as the availability is concerned, Nokia 5000 and Nokia 1680 Classic will reach the shelves in this quarter whilst Nokia 2680 and Nokia 7070 Prism will make their appearance in the third quarter.
Guest post by Kate who is a blogger by profession. She recommends reading two articles about 3D Games and iPhone dock.