5 Android Apps for Web Designers

Start-up businesses largely depend on a website for branding and marketing purposes. While there are so many webmasters and business people in the industry today seeking to make some presence online, not all of them are knowledgeable when it comes to web designing and development? What this therefore means is that the job prospects of web designers are very promising. Add to that the availability of applications that make the process of designing search engine friendly websites, and you have the easiest time on earth as a web designer. There are so many android apps that have proven handy for web designers, but here are the top 5 must have apps if you are serious about making a user-friendly and search-engine friendly website.


Not necessarily for web designers alone, but the dropbox is a very effective and handy android app that make the sharing of files easy and convenient. For a web designer, this makes the access of synchronized files between a PC and an android powered device very easy and convenient. The dropbox apps also make sharing and saving of links and videos on a PC remotely convenient.

Typography app

Living at a time when access to instant information has become more of a necessity, as a web designer you want to remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, specifically advancements that affect your web designing field. It is because of this that the typography app was introduced to android web designers to ensure they get instant access to the latest news in the industry as fast as possible. Video insights and press releases are few of the things you would be able to access through this app.


They say a web designer is as good and effective as their last edited image or graphic representation on their website or those of their clients. Thanks to the Photoshop app, one is able to edit and enhance images and photos by manipulating images with the use of handy features such as flip and crop to ensure they come out professionally. Downloading and installing the Photoshop app into an android powered device has been made very easy thanks to adobe.

AndFTP Pro

The next must-have android app for web designers is the AndFTP Pro, an application that allows one to remotely manage FTP servers such as FTPS, SCP, SFTP, and the most basic FTP client. A web designer is able to upload, update, rename, delete, and even set permissions remotely from your mobile phone on files and folders. Thanks to this android app, one is also able to pause and resume the download or upload file process.

Google Analytics

Any web designer who is serious about their work and creating search-engine friendly websites know all too well the role that having a Google analytics accounts plays. Thanks to advancements in technology, specifically in the android apps market, today it is possible for web designers and developers to gain access to Google analytics so they can tab on their website’s performance on the search engines. This is particularly handy when one is away from the PC and needs to constantly keep track of the summary statistics and website performance.
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