Health Risks of Having a Cell Phone

So many people use a cell phone on a daily basis. Since cell phones hit the market, they’ve been steadily increasing in popularity, and at this point it’s hard to find an adult who doesn’t own one. Society’s use of cell phones has also evolved, as they’ve become more and more central to our everyday lives. They’re often the most popular way to contact someone, whether it be by phone calls, texts, or email. With the advent of smartphones, we can now use our cell phones to do perform so many different functions, such as information lookup, entertainment, document creation, and general Internet browsing. This means that we’re on our cell phones much more than ever before. It raises the question, what are the health risks associated with having a cell phone?

Cell Phones and Cancer

Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, or radio waves. The radio waves are a form of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. The tissues of our body are able to absorb this kind of energy. Ionizing radiation is known to increase the risk of cancer, but it is still unknown whether or not the non-ionizing radiation associated with cell phones does as well. There have been many studies done examining the links between cell phone use and cancer, and some have shown slight increases in the risk of cancer with long-term, consistent cell phone use. However, most have not been able to find a link. Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Federal Drug Administration, the American Cancer Society, and many other major organizations have official positions that do not support the risk of cancer from cell phones at this time.

Other Health Risks

Just because cell phones may not cause cancer doesn’t mean they have no associated health risks. One of the ways your cell phone could harm your health is in the way it collects germs. If you think about it, when was the last time you ever cleaned or disinfected your cell phone? You touch it so many times throughout the day without washing your hands, and you hold it close to your mouth. Germs can collect on the surface just like they do on door knobs. If you do a lot of texting with your cell phone, you could potentially develop sore thumbs or stress injuries caused by repetitive movements. Cell phones are also potentially dangerous in the way they take our attention. Many serious car accidents have happened as a direct result of drivers being distracted by their cell phones and not paying attention to the road. Even while walking down the street and texting or talking, your awareness is greatly reduced, which could put you in danger.

Staying Safe

There are some things you can do to reduce the health risks associated with having a cell phone. If you’re worried about the potential of cancer, reduce the amount of time you spend talking on your cell phone. When you do talk on it, use a headset so the cell phone itself is not next to your head. At night, don’t sleep with your cell phone next to your head on your nightstand. To kill germs, wipe your cell phone with a disinfecting wipe a few times per week. If you’re experiencing pain in your thumbs, fingers, or hands, reduce the amount of texting you do, and consult your doctor. Finally, never use your cell phone while driving or walking. If you need to use your cell phone, stop what you’re doing rather than risk multi-tasking.

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    thanks for keeping us informed about these diseases that we caught by using cellphones. I read few months ago that cellphones are a cause for Cancer however at that time i ignore it but right now i am going to search my headphones so that to protect myself from Cancer. great post. thanks for sharing i will also share it with my friends.